Alleys of Peril

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"Alleys of Peril"
Author Robert E. Howard
Country United States
Language English
Series Sailor Steve Costigan
Genre(s) Boxing, Comedy
Published in Fight Stories
Publication type Pulp magazine
Publication date January 1931

Alleys of Peril is a Sailor Steve Costigan short story by Robert E. Howard. It was originally published in January 1931 issue of Fight Stories.[1]

THE MINUTE I seen the man they'd picked to referee the fight between me and Red McCoy, I didn't like his looks. His name was Jack Ridley and he was first mate aboard the _Castleton,_ one of them lines which acts very high tone, making their officers wear uniforms. Bah! The first cap'n I ever sailed with never wore nothing at sea but a pair of old breeches, a ragged undershirt and a month's growth of whiskers. He used to say uniforms was all right for navy admirals and bell-hops but they was a superflooity anywheres else. Well, this Ridley was a young fellow, slim and straight as a spar, with cold eyes and a abrupt manner. I seen right off that he was a bucko which wouldn't even let his crew shoot craps on deck if he could help it. But I decided not to let his appearance get on my nerves, but to ignore him and knock McCoy stiff as quick as possible so I couldst have the rest of the night to myself. They is a old feud between the _Sea Girl_ and McCoy's ship, the _Whale._ The minute the promoter of the Waterfront Fight Arena heard both our ships had docked, he rushed down and signed us up for a fifteen-round go--billed it as a grudge fight, which it wasn't nothing but, and packed the house.

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The story is now in the public domain.[2]


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