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A page from the 1838 edition of Bosworth's dictionary

An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary is a dictionary of Old English, a language that was previously known as Anglo-Saxon. Four editions of the dictionary were published. It has often (especially in earlier times) been considered the definitive lexicon for Old English. It is often referred to by the names of its creators, for example Bosworth, Bosworth & Toller.


The 1838 edition[edit]

This was written by Joseph Bosworth, who in 1858 became the Rawlinsonian Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University: the post was renamed in 1916 as the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professorship of Anglo-Saxon, in Bosworth's honour.

The 1898 edition[edit]

While being attributed to "J. Bosworth & T. N. Toller", this was a revision by T. Northcote Toller, based on Bosworth's 1838 dictionary, Bosworth's papers, and additions by Toller.

The 1921 edition[edit]

T. Northcote Toller issued a supplement in 1921.

The 1972 edition[edit]

Alistair Campbell issued an edition with "enlarged addenda and corrigenda" in 1972


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