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For the city in Espírito Santo state, Brazil, see Apiacá, Espírito Santo.
Indios apiaka no rio Arinos.jpg
Apiacá people, painted by Hércules Florence
Total population
1,000 (2009)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Brazil ( Mato Grosso and  Pará)
Apiaká, Portuguese[2]
traditional tribal religion[1]

The Apiaká are an indigenous people of Brazil, who live in northern Mato Grosso, near the border of Pará.[2]

In 2001, there were only 192 Apiaká.[2] As of 2009, there are a thousand Apiaká people.[1]


The Apiaká language belongs to subgroup VI of the Tupi-Guarani languages. Increasingly, Apiaká people are shifting to speaking Portuguese language.[2]


They are also known as Apiacá or Apiake people.[2]


The Apiaká were a large and warlike tribe in the 19th century, when the rubber boom took over Amazonia. They initially fought with the settlers but eventually allied with them.[1] In the mid-20th century, two ethnologists mistakenly declared the Apiaká extinct. In fact, the tribe lived among the Kaiabi and Munduruku peoples but maintained their distinct culture and cosmology.[1]


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