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This is a list of Archdeacons of York or the West Riding . The Archdeaconry of York is an archdeaconry, or subdivision, of the Church of England Diocese of York in the Province of York. In common with other archdeaconries, York is further subdivided into deaneries, namely Derwent, Easingwold, New Ainsty, Selby, Southern Ryedale, South Wold, and York. The Archdeaconry of York is under the oversight of the Suffragan Bishop of Selby.

The present Archdeacon of York (since 2013) is The Venerable Sarah Bullock, the first woman to hold the post.[1]

List of Archdeacons[edit]

Name Dates Notes
Walter of London[2] c.1121–1148
Robert Butevilain[2] 1148–1157
Geoffrey[2] 1167
Ralph d'Aunay[2] 1171–1194
Peter of Dinan[2] 1194 Later Bishop of Rennes in 1199
Adam of Thorner[2] 1196–1201
Sampson[2] 1217–1228
Walter[2] 1231
Laurence of Lincoln[2] 1241–1245 Murdered 1245
Sewal de Bovil[2] 1249 Later Dean of York c.1252
William Langton [2] 1249–1252 Alias William of Rotherfield (later Dean of York c.1262)
John de Langeton the elder[2] 1262
Reiner of Skipton (Reginald)[2] 1263–1267
Godfrey Giffard[2] 1267 Afterwards Bishop of Worcester and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1268
Robert Burnell[2] 1270–1274 Afterwards Bishop of Bath and Wells 1275
Thomas de Wythen[2] c.1282-1287
Walter of Gloucester[2] 1283–1287
William de Hambleton[3] 1288–1300
Aymo of Savoy[3] 1300–1321
Peter de Prés[3] 1321–1361 Cardinal pr. of St Pudentiana
Stephen Albert[3] 1361–1369 Cardinal dcn. of St Maria in Aquiro
Philippe de Cabassoles[3] 1370–1372 Also Cardinal Bishop of Sabina
Peter Gomez de Albornoz[3] 1373–1374 Cardinal pr. of St Praxedis
Simon Langham[3] 1374–1376 Cardinal Bishop of Palestrina
Guy de Maillesec [3] 1376-? Cardinal pr. of St Crux in Jerusalem
John de Thoern[3] 1379–1383
Peter Corsini[3] 1383–1387 Cardinal Bishop of Porto
Francis Carboni[3] 1387–1405 Cardinal pr. of St Susanna
Richard Conyngston[3] 1388–1405
Francis Uguccioni[3] 1405–1412 Cardinal pr. of SS. Quattuor Coronati
William Pilton[3] 1412–1435
Raynald de Brancatiis[3] 1412–1414 Cardinal dcn. of SS. Vitus et Modestus
Francis Zarabella[3] 1412–1414 Cardinal dcn. of SS. Cosmas et Damianus
William Felter[3] 1435–1436
Thomas Kempe[3] 1436–1442 Afterwards Archdeacon of Richmond 1442
Andrew Holes[3] 1442–1470
Thomas Chippenham[3] 1470–1478
Ralph Booth[3] 1478–1497
Henry Carnebull[3] 1497–1504
John Carver or Aleyne[3] 1504–1515
Brian Higden[3] 1515–1516
Hugh Ashton[3] 1516–1523
Thomas Wynter[3] 1523–1540 Also Dean of Wells 1525–1529, Archdeacon of Richmond 1526–1529, Archdeacon of Suffolk 1526–1529,
Archdeacon of Norfolk 1529–1530 and Archdeacon of Cornwall from 1537
Thomas Westbie[3] 1540–1544
George Palmes[4] 1544–1560 (deprived)
John Stokes[4] 1560–1568
William Chaderton[4] 1568–1575
Robert Ramsden[4] 1575–1598
Christopher Gregorie[4] 1598–1600
Roger Acroide[4] 1600–1617
Henry Hooke[4] 1617–1624 Afterwards Precentor of York 1624
Henry Wickham[4] 1624–1641
Richard Marsh[4] 1641–1663 Also Dean of York 1660
Edmund Diggle[4] 1663–1688
Charles Blake[4] 1720–1730
Thomas Hayter [4] 1730–1751 Bishop of Norwich 1749 and Bishop of London 1761
Edmund Pyle[4] 1751–1776
William Cooper[4] 1777–1786
Charles Cooper[4] 1786–1794
Robert Markham[4] 1794–1837
Stuart Corbett[4] 1837–1845
Stephen Creyke[4] 1845–1866
Frederick Watkins 1874–1888
Robert Jarratt Crosthwaite 1888-1923
Cecil Henry Hamilton Cooper 1923–1933 Afterwards Dean of Carlisle 1933
Arthur Creyke England 1933–1946
Thomas Malcolm Layng 1946–1947
George Frederick Townley 1947-1957
Charles Robert Forder 1957–1972
Leslie Cyril Stanbridge 1972–1988
George Austin 1988–1999
Richard Seed 1999–2012
Sarah Bullock[1] 2013–present First female


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