Bahoz Erdal

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Fehman Hûseyn
Nickname(s) Bahoz Erdal
Born unknown
Allegiance Flag of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).svg Kurdistan Workers' Party
Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (alleged)
Years of service 1992-present
Battles/wars Kurdish Uprising
Other work Physician

Bahoz Erdal, born Fahman Husain (Kurdish: Fehman Hûseyn, also spelled Fehman Hüseyin[1]) is a Kurdish member and commander of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). He is from Syria and of Kurdish origin.[2][3] He served as the head of the Hezen Parastina Gel (HPG), the PKK's armed wing from June 2004[4] until July 2009, when he was replaced by Sofi Nurettin.[5] Since 2004 he is part of the 3-man PKK Executive Committee which includes himself, acting PKK leader Murat Karayılan and PKK co-founder Cemil Bayik,[6] who preceded Bahoz Erdal as the PKK's military commander.[4]

Some Turkish security analysts have alleged that Erdal may be the leader of the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK)[7]

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Preceded by
Nizamettin Taş
Military Commander of the PKK
June 2004 – June 2009
Succeeded by
Sofi Nurettin