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Bergman Week is an annual event on the small island Fårö outside Sweden. Ingmar Bergman moved to the island in the 60s and the Bergman Week is a celebration of his artistry, with films, lectures and conversations.[1][2] Guests in 2012 were among others Belgian directors Jean-Pierre och Luc Dardenne (Dardenne brothers), author Peter Birro, director Suzanne Osten and opera singer Håkan Hagegård.[3] Guests at the Bergman Week 2011 were among others directors Andrey Zvyagintsev and István Szabó as well as Swedish authors Henning Mankell and Sara Stridsberg.[4][5]

Several Swedish and international guests have visited the week through the years, among them Wim Wenders,[6] Kenneth Branagh,[7] Harriet Andersson, Bibi Andersson and Ang Lee.[8][9] Guests of the Bergman Week 2010 were among others actress Liv Ullmann, playwright Jon Fosse and director Ariane Mnouchkine.[1][10]


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