Beta Piscium

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Beta Piscium
Diagram showing star positions and boundaries of the Pisces constellation and its surroundings
Cercle rouge 100%.svg

Location of β Piscium(circled)
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Pisces
Right ascension 23h 03m 52.6s
Declination +03° 49' 12"
Apparent magnitude (V) +4.53
Distance 492 ly
(151 pc)
Spectral type B6Ve
Other designations
Fum al Samakah, β Piscium, β Psc, Beta Psc, 4 Psc, BD+03 4818, FK5 1602, GC 32134, HD 217891, HIP 113889, HR 8773, PPM 173700, SAO 127934

Beta Piscium (Beta Psc, β Piscium, β Psc) is a star in the constellation Pisces. It has the traditional name Fum al Samakah.

Beta Piscium belongs to the spectral class B6Ve and is of magnitude +4.53m. It is approximately 492 light-years from the Sun.

Name and etymology[edit]

  • The name Fum al Samakah was from the Arabic فم السمكة fum al-samakah "mouth of the fish" (compare Fomalhaut).[1][2]
  • In Chinese, 霹靂 (Pī Lì), meaning Thunderbolt, refers to an asterism consisting of refers to an asterism consisting of β Piscium, γ Piscium, θ Piscium, ι Piscium and ω Piscium. Consequently, β Piscium itself is known as 霹靂一 (Pī Lì yī, English: the First Star of Thunderbolt.)[3]


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