Black Creek (Florida)

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Black Creek (Florida)
Black Creek.jpg
Black Creek at Old Ferry Rd. Boat Ramp
Mouth St. Johns River
Basin countries United States

Black Creek is a 13.0-mile-long (20.9 km)[1] tributary of the St. Johns River. It is located in Clay County, Florida. It rises in the Jennings State Forest from the north fork, and from Kingsley Lake from the south and east forks. It passes near the communities of Middleburg, Asbury Lake, Hibernia, and Green Cove Springs. It flows into the St. Johns River north of Green Cove Springs.

The creek is named for the water coloration, caused by the presence of tannin from decaying leaves and vegetation. It is considered to be one of the cleanest creeks in the state. In shallow areas, the creek water is stained red, and in deeper waters, the water appears black. Sections of the creek have eroded surrounding terrain and have formed deep ravines. The lower creek basin is affected by the tidal influences of the St. Johns River.

It forms the southern peninsula of Fleming Island between the St. Johns River and Doctors Inlet.

Two major highways cross Black Creek: State Road 21 north of Middleburg and U.S. Route 17 near the mouth of Black Creek at the St. Johns River.[2] CR 218 also crosses Black Creek in Middleburg just .1 miles (0.16 km) east of 21 or as it is more commonly known Blanding Blvd. CR 218 also crosses the north fork northwest of the south entrance to Jennings State Forest.

North Fork Black Creek has Yellow Water Creek, Big Branch, and Little Black Creek as its main tributaries with headwaters rising in Kingsley Lake, a large lake in Clay County. South Fork Black Creek is fed by areas of wetlands and numerous small streams. The confluence of North Fork Black Creek and South Fork Black Creek near Middleburg form the main channel of Black Creek.

Much of the main creek channel is navigable by boats and other watercraft. The two forks must generally be traveled by canoe or kayak with portaging necessary in shallow areas.


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Coordinates: 30°02′33″N 81°42′39″W / 30.042424°N 81.710815°W / 30.042424; -81.710815