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Boom may refer to:





  • Boom! (band), a vocal band founded by Hear'Say member Johnny Shentall
  • Boom Festival, an electronic music festival
  • Boom Gaspar (born 1953), piano/keyboard/organ player for the band Pearl Jam


Pole or spar application[edit]

Sports and games[edit]

  • Lars Boom (born 1985), Dutch cyclist, 2008 men's champion of UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships
  • Boom (source port), a source port of the computer game Doom
  • "Boom!", a word often used by National Football League commentator John Madden

Television and films[edit]

  • BOOMTV, a proposed Canadian premium television service
  • Boom! (1968 film), with E. Taylor an R. Burton, directed by Joseph Losey and based on The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore by Tennessee Williams
  • Boom (2003 film), a Bollywood film directed by Kaizad Gustad
  • Boom (Power Rangers), a character from Power Rangers: S.P.D.
  • "Boom" (CSI), a first-season episode of C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Boom! (TV series), an American reality television series

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