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The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI), located at Syracuse University,[1] is an organization that aims to advance civic, economic, and social participation of persons with disabilities in a global society.


BBI, takes its name from Burton Blatt[2] (1927–85), a pioneer in humanizing services for people with mental retardation, a staunch advocate of deinstitutionalization, and a national leader in special education. Blatt was dean of the School of Education and Centennial Professor at Syracuse University, served as director of SU’s Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation, and founded the Center on Human Policy[3] to promote a more open and accepting society for persons with disabilities.

Dr. Peter Blanck, a University Professor at Syracuse University, is the chairman of BBI.


Burton Blatt Institute faculty and staff also engage in significant scholarship. BBI's publications are largely available to the public, including those printed in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and in other venues. The BBI Publications page links the most recent articles as well as historical archives. BBI also produces several listservs which are available at no cost to the public, and which update subscribers on disability-related topics.


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