Canada men's national inline hockey team

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Canada men's national inline hockey team
Medal record
Men's Inline Hockey
IIHF InLine Hockey World Championship
Gold 1998 - Anaheim Top Division
Gold 2008 - Bratislava Division I
Gold 2012 - Ingolstadt Top Division
Silver 1996 - Minneapolis Top Division
Silver 1997 - Anaheim Top Division
Bronze 2011 Pardubice Top Division
Bronze 2013 - Dresden Division I
FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships
Gold 2002 - Rochester
Silver 1995 - Chicago
Silver 1997 - Zell am See
Silver 2004 - London
Silver 2009 - Varese
Silver 2012 - Bucaramanga
Bronze 2003 - Pisek
Bronze 2006 - Detroit
Bronze 2007 - Bilbao
PanAm Games
Silver 2003 - Santo Domingo
World Games
Silver 2005 - Duisburg

The Canadian men's national inline hockey team is the national team for Canada, based in Dauphin, Manitoba (NIHA) and Richmond Hill, Ontario (Inline Canada). The team is controlled by the National Inline Hockey Association - Canada for IIHF events and Inline Canada for FIRS events.


Initially, the Canadian national team was administered by Hockey Canada. It made an appearance in the first three IIHF Inline Hockey World Championships, winning Silver in 1996 and 1997. In 1998, the Canadian squad defeated the two-time world Champions United States, in the gold medal game to win the first gold medal in country history. Following the 1998 World Championships, Canada withdrew from international competition. Hockey Canada shut down their inline hockey program in 2000.[1]

Following Hockey Canada's shut down of their program, two separate governing bodies emerged. The National Inline Hockey Association - Canada for IIHF related events and the Canadian Inline Hockey Association, which became Inline Canada in 2003 for all FIRS related events. The two programs are both recognized by certain bodies as Canada's national inline hockey team. The NIHA-Canada version of the team is recognized by Hockey Canada and USA Hockey as the national team.[2] The Inline Canada version is recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national team, through the IOC's recognition of the FIRS as the international organizer of inline hockey.[3]

The 2002 FIRS Men's Inline Hockey World Championships marked Canada's return to international competition. The team won Gold at the tournament.[4]

The 2008 Men's World Inline Hockey Championships marked Canada's returned to IIHF competition. The team was led by Head Coach Gerry St Cyr and Assistant player coach Michael Hunt. Team Canada won the IIHF Division 1 World Championship in 2008

As well, Canada has participated in the inline hockey competitions at the Pan-American Games and the World Games.

Current Rosters[edit]

2012 IIHF World Championship roster[5][edit]

# Player Hometown Club
72 Brett Leggat Toronto, Ontario Canada Brantford Blast (Allan Cup Hockey) (Tour Mudcats)
63 Ewen MacPherson Sherwood Park, Alberta United States Bethel University (NCAA)
# Player Hometown Club
4 Kyle Henderson Edmonton, Alberta Canada Alkali 4Pac Phantoms (AMRHL)
9 Kirk French Langley, British Columbia United States Mission/Pro Player ()
22 Fred Corbeil France France Professional Inilne ()
42 Adam Ross Red Deer, Alberta Canada Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL)
25 Chris Terry Brampton, Ontario United States Charlotte Checkers (AHL)

55 Matt Hutchinson North Vancouver, British Columbia United States SUNY Geneseo (NCAA)
# Player Hometown Club
10 Max Grassi North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada UBC Thunderbirds (CIS)
11 Joshua Foote Sherwood Park, Alberta France Professional Inline Hockey (Paris, FR)
20 Dave Hammond Orange, California Namibia Reebok Professional Inline Team (Orange County, CA)
88 Jeff Lichimo North Vancouver, British Columbia ()
91 Thomas Woods North Vancouver, British Columbia United States Tour Mudcats (NARCh)
98 Jonathan Spady Sherwood Park, Alberta ()
Coaching Staff

2012 FIRS World Championship roster[6][edit]

# Player Hometown Club
31 Brad Topping Strathroy, Ontario ()
33 Dylan Ellis Oakville, Ontario United States SUNY-Potsdam (NCAA)
# Player Hometown Club
10 Jason Allan ()
15 Trevor Bennett ()
44 Fred Corbeil ()
# Player Hometown Club
16 Marcus Pryde Oakville, Ontario France Phénix de Reims (FFHG Division 1)
41 Phil Boudreault Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec Spain CH Jaca (Liga Nacional de Hockey Hielo)
55 Bill Boyes Bright's Grove, Ontario ()
59 Lukas Ciotti Hamilton, Ontario United States Adrian College (NCAA)
61 Alex Grenier ()
63 Jamie Visser Mississauga, Ontario Netherlands Friesland Flyers (North Sea Cup)
71 Max Grassi North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada UBC Thunderbirds (CIS)
91 Thomas Woods North Vancouver, British Columbia United States Tour Mudcats (NARCh)
96 Andrew Rhodes Pickering, Ontario United States Bethel University (NCAA)

|;Coaching Staff

World Championship results by year[edit]

IIHF Version[edit]

  • 1996 - Won Silver Medal
  • 1997 - Won Silver Medal
  • 1998 - Won Gold Medal
  • 2008 - 9th Place - Division I Gold Medal
  • 2009 - 7th Place - A Pool
  • 2011 - Won Bronze Medal
  • 2012 - Won Gold Medal
  • 2013 - Won Bronze Medal

FIRS Version[edit]

  • 1995 - Won Silver Medal
  • 1997 - Won Silver Medal
  • 1998 - 4th Place
  • 2002 - Won Gold Medal
  • 2003 - Won Bronze Medal
  • 2004 - Won Silver Medal
  • 2006 - Won Bronze Medal
  • 2007 - Won Bronze Medal
  • 2008 - 6th Place
  • 2009 - Won Silver Medal
  • 2010 - 6th Place
  • 2011 - 4th Place
  • 2012 - Won Silver Medal


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