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North America[edit]

In geology:

  • Canadian Shield, a large craton in eastern and central Canada and adjacent portions of the United States
  • Horseshoe Falls (Canada) (also known as the Canadian Falls), the horseshoe-shaped waterfall of Niagara Falls, located mostly on the Canadian side of the border with the United States

Among rivers:

In cities:



People and organizations[edit]

  • Cross Canadian Ragweed, an alternative country band from Yukon, Oklahoma
  • Ben Bassarab (nickname: Canadian Louis), a Canadian former professional wrestler from Calgary, Alberta
  • Petey Williams (nickname: Canadian Destroyer), a Canadian professional wrestler
  • Jason Reso (nickname: Canadian Rage or Christian Cage), a Canadian professional wrestler
  • Canadian Airlines, a defunct airline of Canada



  • Canadian Open (golf), a golf tournament founded in 1904
  • The Canadian, a Canadian transcontinental passenger train with service between Toronto and Vancouver
  • Canadian Club, a brand of whisky produced by Hiram Walker & Sons in Windsor, Ontario
  • Canadian whisky, a type of whisky produced in Canada
  • Molson Canadian, a popular brand of beer produced by Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • Montreal Canadiens, an NHL hockey team based in Montreal
  • Canadian, a type of bet covering five selections and also known as a "Super Yankee"

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