Carrie Keranen

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Carrie Keranen
Born January 16
Residence Los Angeles, California
Alma mater University of Michigan
Occupation Voice actress, actress, production manager, ADR director

Carrie Keranen (born January 16) is an American actress, voice actress, production manager and voice director known for her work with 4Kids Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, DuArt Film and Video and NYAV Post. She is best known as the second voice of Mokuba Kaiba on Yu-Gi-Oh, Casca in Berserk, Mitsuki on Kappa Mikey, Ozzel in Slayers, Sheena in Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life, and more recently as Mami Tomoe in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.[1] She will voice the starring role, Satsuki Kiryuin, in the dub of Kill La Kill.[2]

Keranen grew up in the Detroit area[3] and graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Theatre and Linguistics.[4] She moved to New York City, where she worked on various theater productions as well as take on voice roles in shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Winx Club.[5] She has a recurring role as Kate Harper in the Fringe TV series.

On July 23, 2011, she and fellow voice actress Cristina Vee were panelists at Comic-Con for Namco Bandai's preview of the Tekken: Blood Vengeance film.[6]



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