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Type Private
Industry Casino, Collectibles, Games, Trading Cards, Packaging and Retail
Founded Turnhout, Belgium (1970)
Headquarters Turnhout, Belgium
Number of locations 7 manufacturing facilities (2010)[1]
12 international branches (2010)[1]
Key people Chris Van Doorslaer
Products Board Games, Card Games, Collectible Card Games, Packages and Playing Cards
Employees 1,150 (2009)

Cartamundi, also called Carta Mundi, is a Belgian company, based in Turnhout, that produces and sells board games, card games, collectible card games, packages and playing cards through its manufacturing and sales subsidiaries. The name of the company in Latin means cards for the world.[1]


The company was founded in 1970, a joint venture between Biermans, Brepols and Van Genechten.[1]

Cartamundi has established twelve international sales branches throughout the world since 1970. France in 1993, U.S. in 1994, Sweden in 1999, Hungary in 2000, Singapore in 2002 and Spain in 2002. The other branches were established through acquiring other companies. Cartamundi acquired Swiss AGMüller (Switzerland) in 1999, Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten (Germany) in 2000, Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg (Germany) in 2002, Games & Print Services, Ltd. (U.K.) in 2003, 50% of Copag (Brazil) in 2005 and Dertor Poland (Poland) in 2005. Cartamundi also has a sales branch in The Netherlands.[1]

The company also maintains manufacturing facilities in Canvey Island (UK), Altenburg (Germany), Kraków (Poland) and Dallas (Texas, USA).

In the early-to-mid 1990s, Cartamundi produced collectible card games for other companies. They made early editions of Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast's, and Decipher, Inc.'s Star Trek Customizable Card Game and Star Wars Customizable Card Game.

In 2006, Cartamundi produced the playing cards used in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.[2]

Cartamundi acquired Yaquinto Printing Company, established in Dallas, Texas in 1961, in 2006 and moved their U.S. branch there in 2007. The facility was renovated from September 2008 to January 2009.[1]

Cartamundi acquires France Cartes in 2014, as one of the major acquisitions according to the CEO of Cartamundi Group, Chris Van Doorslaer [3]


In 2008 Cartamundi became Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Flanders.[citation needed]

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