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Torneo Postobón
Torneo Postobon.png
Country Colombia
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1991
Number of teams 18
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion to Categoría Primera A
Relegation to None
Domestic cup(s) Copa Colombia
International cup(s) None
Current champions Uniautónoma F.C.
(2013 Categoría Primera B)
Most championships Real Cartagena (3 titles)
TV partners Win Sports
2013 - Torneo Postobón

Categoría Primera B, also known as Torneo Postobón for sponsorship reasons, is the second division football league in Colombia.

The league is divided into two six-month seasons and into two regional divisions of nine teams where each team plays the region's other eight teams both home and away. The top two teams in each conference advance to a playoff to decide the two teams who then advance to the final. The winner of the final secures a spot to play for promotion at the end of the year.

After the first season is over, the second season begins with the same teams and format. The season's winner plays the first season's winner in a two-legged final to decide the team who is going to get promoted to the Categoría Primera A. At the end of the year, the team with worst final standing in Primera A is relegated to Primera B.

Current teams[edit]

Teams for 2014 season

Team City Stadium Head Coach
América de Cali Cali Pascual Guerrero Colombia Jhon Jairo López
Atlético Bucaramanga Bucaramanga Alfonso López Colombia Bernardo Redín
Barranquilla F.C. Barranquilla Romelio Martínez Colombia Arturo Reyes
Bogotá F.C. Bogotá Metropolitano de Techo Colombia Spain Germán Morales
Cortuluá Tuluá Doce de Octubre Colombia Néstor Rodríguez
Cúcuta Deportivo Cúcuta General Santander Colombia Héctor Estrada
Depor F.C. Cali Pascual Guerrero Colombia Victor Sicachá
Deportes Quindío Armenia Centenario Colombia Miguel Augusto Prince
Deportivo Pereira Pereira Hernán Ramírez Villegas Colombia Jesús Barrios
Deportivo Rionegro Rionegro Tulio Ospina Colombia Álvaro Hernández
Expreso Rojo Facatativá Jorge Torres Rocha Colombia John Jairo Bodmer
Jaguares de Córdoba Montería Municipal de Montería Colombia José Alberto Suárez
Llaneros F.C. Villavicencio Manuel Calle Lombana Colombia Germany Hubert Bodhert
Real Cartagena Cartagena Jaime Morón León Portugal José Domínguez
Real Santander Floridablanca Álvaro Gómez Hurtado Colombia Víctor Hugo González
Unión Magdalena Santa Marta Federico Serrano Soto Colombia Fernando Velasco
Universitario Popayán Popayán Ciro López Colombia César Torres
Valledupar F.C. Valledupar Armando Maestre Pavajeau Colombia Hugo Arrieta

Seasons by club[edit]

This is the complete list of the clubs that has took part of the Categoría Primera B, founded in 1991, until 2013 season. Teams who currently plays are indicated in bold.

List of champions[edit]

Season Champion (Title count) Runner-up Third place
1991 Envigado (1) Alianza Llanos Atlético Huila
1992 Atlético Huila (1) Alianza Llanos Cortuluá
1993 Cortuluá (1) Fiorentina de Florencia Atlético Palmira
1994 Deportes Tolima (1) Deportivo Antioquia Lanceros Boyacá
1995 Atlético Bucaramanga (1) Lanceros Boyacá Alianza Llanos
1995–96 Cúcuta Deportivo (1) Girardot Independiente Popayán
1996–97 Deportivo Unicosta (1) Lanceros Boyacá Deportivo Pasto
1997 Atlético Huila (2) Cúcuta Deportivo Real Cartagena
1998 Deportivo Pasto (1) Deportivo Pereira Real Cartagena
1999 Real Cartagena (1) Itagüí Ditaires Deportivo Pereira
2000 Deportivo Pereira (1) Unión Magdalena Expreso Palmira
2001 Deportes Quindío (1) Deportivo Rionegro Unión Magdalena
2002 Centauros Villavicencio (1) Alianza Petrolera No third-place awarded
2003 Boyacá Chicó (1) Pumas de Casanare No third-place awarded
2004 Real Cartagena (2) Deportivo Antioquia No third-place awarded
2005 Cúcuta Deportivo (2) Bajo Cauca No third-place awarded
2006 La Equidad (1) Valledupar Cortuluá
2007 Envigado (2) Academia No third-place awarded
2008 Real Cartagena (3) Deportivo Rionegro No third-place awarded
2009 Cortuluá (2) Atlético Bucaramanga No third-place awarded
2010 Itagüí Ditaires (1) Deportivo Pasto No third-place awarded
2011 Deportivo Pasto (2) Patriotas No third-place awarded
2012 Alianza Petrolera (1) América de Cali No third-place awarded
2013 Uniautónoma F.C. (1) Fortaleza No third-place awarded

Titles by club[edit]

As of January 24, 2013

Nº of titles Team Years
3 Real Cartagena 1999, 2004, 2008
2 Atlético Huila 1992, 1997
Cortuluá 1993, 2009
Cúcuta Deportivo 1995–96, 2005
Deportivo Pasto 1998, 2011
Envigado 1991, 2007
1 Alianza Petrolera 2012
Atlético Bucaramanga 1995
Boyacá Chico 2003
Centauros Villavicencio 2002
Deportes Quindío 2001
Deportes Tolima 1994
Deportivo Pereira 2000
Deportivo Unicosta 1996–97
Itagüí Ditaires 2010
La Equidad 2006
Uniautónoma F.C. 2013

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