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Charles Jay
Nationality American
Known for 2008 presidential candidate

Charles Jay (born 1960) was the Presidential nominee of the United States Boston Tea Party in the 2008 United States presidential election. He was the presidential nominee of the Personal Choice Party in the 2004 election, achieving ballot status in Utah, and received 946 votes in the general election, coming in third from last.

Jay has a B.A. in business from the University of Miami, and has worked in the sport of boxing as a manager and spokesman, among other positions.

2004 presidential campaign[edit]

A former member of the U.S. Libertarian Party, he stepped down from the race for the Vice Presidential nomination to the 2004 ballot to run as for President under the Personal Choice Party banner. His vice presidential candidate was Marilyn Chambers, a porn star famous from the 1970s. The Jay/Chambers ticket received 946 votes in the general election.

2008 presidential campaign[edit]

On Monday, June 16, 2008, Jay won the Boston Tea Party's presidential nomination at its nomination convention that was held on the national party's website online and will again be the candidate of the Personal Choice Party. His running mate was blogger and online magazine editor Thomas L. Knapp.

Jay was on the ballot in Florida,[1] Tennessee,[2] and Colorado.[3] Including states with no pre-election registration for write-in candidates, Jay was on the ballot or could have been written in within states with a total of 121 electors.[4] Jay received 2,422 votes.[5]


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