Cheongju Broadcasting

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Cheongju Broadcasting
Revised Romanization Cheongchu Pangsong
McCune–Reischauer Cheongju Bangsong

Cheongju Broadcasting or CJB is a Radio and TV station in Cheongju, affiliated with the SBS Network.


Cheongju, South Korea
Branding CJB Television
Channels Digital: 49 (LCN:6)
Affiliations SBS
Network SBS Network
Owner Cheongju Broadcasting
First air date October 18, 1997
Broadcast area Cheongju, South Korea
Branding CJB JOY FM
Frequency 101.5 MHz
First air date September 26, 2001
Format Top 40 Mainstream/K-Pop
Power 3kW
Class all
Affiliations SBS Power FM
Owner Cheongju Broadcasting
  • Television
    • Channel - Ch. 49 (LCN 6-1)
    • Launched - October 18, 1997
    • Affiliated to - SBS
  • FM radio (CJB JOY FM)
    • Frequency - FM 101.5 MHz, 97.9 MHz, 102.7 MHz
    • Launched - September 26, 2001
    • Affiliated to - SBS

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