Daedalia Planum

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Daedalia Planum
Daedalia Planum.jpg
Coordinates 21°48′S 128°00′W / 21.8°S 128.0°W / -21.8; -128.0Coordinates: 21°48′S 128°00′W / 21.8°S 128.0°W / -21.8; -128.0

Daedalia Planum is a plain on Mars located south of Arsia Mons at 21°48′S 128°00′W / 21.8°S 128.0°W / -21.8; -128.0 and appears to be relatively featureless plain with multiple lava flows and small craters. Modern imagery suggests that it may more accurately be called a "fluctus" rather than a "planum".[1]

There is evidence that an ancient 4500 km-diameter impact basin formed in the Noachian epoch may be centered in Daedalia Planum.[2]


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