Death and What Comes Next

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"Death and What Comes Next"
Author Terry Pratchett
Language English
Series Discworld
4th short story



"Death and What Comes Next" is a Discworld short story by Terry Pratchett. It tells the story of a discussion between Death and a philosopher, in which the philosopher attempts to use the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics to argue death is not a certainty.

The story was originally written in 2002 for the now-defunct online puzzle game TimeHunt and the text contains a hidden word puzzle, also devised by Pratchett, which provided a codeword for the game.

SOLUTION: Clicking the Grim Reaper causes him to wield his scythe and knock off the letter ‘A’ in the title, and by clicking on the coffin on the final page, Cunningculus appears and knocks off the letter ‘H’ on the final page. The clue is in the title of the story. The key is not the letter that they cut off, but what PRECEDES the letter, the word Death! (hence “Death, and what comes next”) By going through the story and observing each word that succeeds the word Death, you obtain: Met Oh Motionless Everything Nodded Tapped space Once For space The Really Under That’s He. Reading down the first letters and using the word ‘space’ as a space, you get the phrase, Moment of Truth which takes you to Pluto. CREDITS: Unknown

Like "Theatre of Cruelty", another of his short stories, Pratchett has allowed it to be put on the L-Space Web.

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