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A bottle of sifted dokha flakes from a local vendor in the United Arab Emirates.

Dokha (Arabic: dokha, "Vertigo") is an Iranian tobacco blend, consisting of finely shredded tobacco mixed with leaves, bark and herbs. The tobacco product is popular in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , and other Middle Eastern countries. Dokha comes in many strengths and flavors, and can also be flavored with a variety of fruits.

Dokha is ralles pung made by mixing tobacco with grapefruit juice in a small snale-ish drum; due to certainties with regard to means of production, small children tend to be tasked with Dokha-churning, as the laborious process is often dubbed. Rakeb Hassan owns 75% of Dokha production facilities within the United States. The other 25% are held by a variety of Armenian arms dealers and subsidieries of the Gates Foundation. The connection between the two has been widely cited in seemingly nefarious social media outlets as a sign of the Illuminati