Dreams (Van Halen song)

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Single by Van Halen
from the album 5150
B-side "Inside"
Released 1986
Recorded 5150 Studios, Hollywood, California, 1985-1986
Genre Rock, hard rock
Length 7" - 04:53, 12" - 05:07
Label Warner Bros.

"Dreams" is a song by Van Halen released in 1986 from the album 5150. It was the second single from that album, and it reached #22 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year. "Dreams" also appeared on the soundtrack to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie 9 years later, which introduced Van Halen to a new generation of potential fans. It was released in 7" and 12" single formats, the 7" single featuring the album version and the 12" single featuring a slightly extended version.


"Dreams" was written during the Sammy Hagar era of the band and has become a staple at concerts. It was performed during most tours featuring Hagar, including the most recent Hagar reunion tour. Even the Gary Cherone-headed tour supporting Van Halen III featured the song in their set-list. The song was also used to close the 2004 Democratic National Convention, played after the acceptance speech of John Kerry. It was also used as the campaigns theme song at rallies across the country in 2004. The song's melodic and inspirational theme has proved to be popular with fans judging by the amount of applause that the band receives on the initial notes. During an interview with Hagar for Rolling Stone featuring questions from fans, Hagar said that "Dreams" (along with "Right Now") was his favorite Van Halen song, with "Dreams" being his favorite if you pushed him. The song was also redone by Hagar by his solo band, now becoming a slower more mature/serious song done acoustically instead of a fast paced rock song.


Eddie Van Halen played both guitar and keyboards on the studio version of this song. During live performances on the 5150 tour, Eddie Van Halen played the keyboards and would switch to the guitar during the first solo, while Hagar played the rhythm parts until then. On later tours, he would play guitar only, while the keyboard piece was either played "off-stage" by a hired performer (such as Alan Fitzgerald of Night Ranger during the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour), or pre-recorded material was used. Another interesting note; during live performances on the chorus "We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb. Higher and higher, leave it all behind", bassist Michael Anthony usually sings the second "higher" in both parts, but on the studio version, Sammy Hagar sings them both. This became a standard part of the song's live performances and Eddie Van Halen would also join in the singing.

Music videos[edit]

There were technically three music videos made for the song. The most well known version was shot in 1986 and featured the Blue Angels performing a variety of aerial stunts. The other two videos were shot in March 1993 from a live performance at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California, to celebrate the band's return to the venue after 15 years. (They last played at the venue in 1978.) One version of the video features newscasters and interviews with fans lining up outside the venue before the performance. The second version features far less commentary and more focus on the performance itself. The first version is available on Van Halen: Video Hits, Vol. 1. The second version can be seen at VH1Classic.com

In pop culture[edit]

Japanese pro wrestler Ashura Hara would use the song as his theme music in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Super World of Sports, and WAR.

The song was used in the ending scene of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and lead into the ending credits.

The song was used in 2 promotional music videos for the United States Navy's flight demonstration team Blue Angels (first video where they fly the A-4 Skyhawk and a second one where they fly the F/A-18 Hornet).



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