Ermenek Dam

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Ermenek Dam
Ermenek Dam is located in Turkey
Ermenek Dam
Location of Ermenek Dam
Location Turkey
Coordinates 36°34′06″N 32°57′54″E / 36.5682°N 32.965°E / 36.5682; 32.965Coordinates: 36°34′06″N 32°57′54″E / 36.5682°N 32.965°E / 36.5682; 32.965
Status Operational
Construction began 2002
Opening date 2009
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch, double-curvature
Impounds Göksu River
Height 210 m (689 ft)
Length 132 m (433 ft)
Width (crest) 7 m (23 ft)
Width (base) 25 m (82 ft)
Dam volume 272 m3 (356 cu yd)
Total capacity 4,582,000,000 m3 (3,714,688 acre·ft)
Surface area 59 km2 (23 sq mi)
Power station
Hydraulic head 310 m (1,017 ft) (gross)
Turbines 2 x 150 MW Francis-type[1]
Installed capacity 300 MW
Annual generation 1048 GWh

The Ermenek Dam is a double-curvature concrete arch dam located on the Göksu River in Karaman Province, Turkey. The 210 m (689 ft) tall dam (218 m (715 ft) from thalweg level) was the highest in Turkey at the time of its construction and currently ranks third after Deriner Dam and Yusufeli Dam (under construction). The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works. Completed in 2009, the primary purpose of the dam is to support its 300 MW power station.

Ermenek Consortium[edit]

Ermenek Dam was constructed by the Ermenek Consortium that was specially created for this project. Member companies of the Consortium are BM Muhendislik ve Insaat A.S. (pilot and leader of the civil group), Alpine Bau GmbH, Pöyry Energy GmbH (engineer), Alstom Austria AG (financial coordinator and leader of the E&M group), VA TECH HYDRO GmbH & Co. and Voith Hydro GmbH & Co.

The Consortium was also responsible for provision of full foreign financing for the project,under terms agreeable to the Turkish Treasury.

Erik Regulator and HEPP[edit]

The Ermenek Project also comprises a second power facility named Erik Regulator and HEPP, which is located on the Eric Creek that flows into Ermenek River. Erik Regulator takes water from 815,0m elevation, transmits it through the Erik Pressure Tunnel into the Erik Power Cavern. The power cavern has an installed power capacity of 2*4,455 MW (total 8,91 MW), thereby raising the Ermenek project total to 308,91 MW. Water discharged from the Erik Power Cavern feeds into the Ermenek Dam system at the Ermenek Valve Chamber.

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