Eve Cone

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Eve Cone
Symmetrical Eve Cone.jpg
Elevation 1,702 m (5,584 ft)
Prominence 172 m (564 ft)
Location Stikine Country, British Columbia, Canada
Range Tahltan Highland (southwestern Stikine Plateau)
Coordinates 57°48′47″N 130°40′30″W / 57.813°N 130.675°W / 57.813; -130.675
Topo map NTS 104G/15
Type Cinder cone
Age of rock Holocene
Volcanic arc/belt Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruption 700

Eve Cone is a well-preserved black cinder cone on the Big Raven Plateau, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the 30 cinder cones on the flanks of the massive shield volcano of Mount Edziza that formed in the year 700, making it one of the most recent eruptions on the Big Raven Plateau and in Canada. Eve Cone stands by itself in the middle of the Desolation Lava Field and its distinctive shape can be seen from a long distance. It is one of the most photographed cinder cones of the Mount Edziza Plateau, and is covered by light yellow pumice from a close by but unknown vent.

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