Eviva España

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"Eviva España"
Song by Samantha from the album Eviva Samantha
Released 1971
Genre Pasodoble
Language Dutch (original), Various
Length 3:33
Label Basart
Writer Leo Rozenstraten
Composer Leo Caerts
Cover versions
Manolo Escobar, Sylvia Vrethammar, Imca Marina, Hanna Aroni

"Eviva España" is a 1971 song originally performed in Dutch by Belgian singer Samantha with music and lyrics written by the Belgian song writers Leo Rozenstraten (lyrics) and Leo Caerts (music). Well-known interpretations by Imca Marina and Hanna Aroni followed in 1972. Surprisingly, the phrase "Eviva España" does not make sense at all and is ungrammatical.

The song was further popularised by Spanish singer Manolo Escobar and Norwegian singer Gro Anita Schønn, both in 1973. As "Y Viva España", and sung by (the Swedish) Sylvia Vrethammar, it reached number four in the UK Singles Chart in September 1974, spending over six months in that listing. Globally, Sylvia's version alone sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc.

It is also official song for Fenerbahçe S.K., Yaşa Fenerbahçe.

Since the 1970's, 'Eviva España' or 'Y Viva España' as it is often referred to as, has become part of the cultural identity of Spain.[1]

Language versions[edit]

Year Title Language Singer
1971 Eviva España Dutch Samantha
1972 Viva España Dutch Imca Marina
1972 Viva España French Georgette Plana
1972 Eviva España German Hanna Aroni
1972 Eviva España Norwegian Gro Anita Schønn
1973 Eviva Espana Arabic Milhem Barakat
1973 Eviva España Danish Elisabeth Edberg
1973 Eviva Espanja Finnish Marion Rung
1973 Y viva España Spanish Manolo Escobar
1974 Yaşa Fenerbahçe Turkish Nesrin Sipahi
1974 Y Viva España English/Swedish Sylvia Vrethammar
1977 Y Viva España Arabic Melhem Barakat
1992 Eviva Espana Hungarian Kovács Kati
2013 Viva Lasagne English Michael Lejour