Fake Shark – Real Zombie!

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Fake Shark – Real Zombie!
Fake Shark Real Zombie photographed in Vancouver by Kris Krug.jpg
Fake Shark Real Zombie in Vancouver, British Columbia
Background information
Origin Canada
Genres Freak-pop
Art punk
Years active 2005–present
Labels Vinyl-Junkie, Light Organ, Universal Records, 604 Records
Associated acts The Heck, Hot Hot Heat, The Gay Nineties, Fur Trade, Anami Vice, No Sinner, MOUNTIES
Members Kevvy Mental
Louis Wu
Tony Dallas
Jason Crockford
Past members Dan Hughes
Parker Bossley
Malcolm Holt
Nick Yacyshyn
Miles Chic

Fake Shark – Real Zombie! is a Canadian freak-pop band. Formed in 2005, their musical style combines elements of IDM and post-hardcore. The name is a reference to Lucio Fulci's film Zombi 2, where a real shark and a zombie engage in combat.


Fake Shark-Real Zombie! was conceived by Maher and Hearn in October 2005 as a way of combining the styles of the bands they liked in hopes to one day open for them. They met in high school, but didn't form the band until some time after graduation. To complete the band, they recruited (via Craigslist) bassist Dan Hughes and The Heck's former drummer, Malcolm Holt. Around the start of 2007, Hughes left the band and was replaced by The Heck's and Hot Hot Heat's former bassist, Parker Bossley. The onslaught of MySpace buzz garnered the interest of Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan who released the band's debut album Zebra! Zebra! on April 25, 2007.

While life-sized cut-outs of the band's members at HMV stores in Japan[1] may indicate a popularity outside the arena of punk, the band still adheres to the punk lifestyle. It has been said that bouncers have had to "manually take down microphones and disassemble gear in order for the band to stop playing."[2] They are known to wear dresses[3] Henry Rollins has stated that they are one of his favorite new bands[4] and has played them several times on his radio show Harmony In My Head.

Fake Shark-Real Zombie! have toured with artists such as Mindless Self Indulgence, Klaxons, Hot Hot Heat, Brokencyde, The Birthday Massacre, Marianas Trench (band), Jeffree Star and Test Icicles. They have also completed three tours of the United Kingdom and performed four sold out dates in Japan.[1] 2008 saw Fake Shark with a North American release of Zebra! Zebra! on March 11, 2008 and the release their new EP Style of Substance followed by additional tours of North America and the UK and festival appearances in Japan.

During summer 2008, the band went into the studio with music producer Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (known for his work with Skinny Puppy, Jakalope, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails) to record their second album. The result was Meeting People Is Terrible, a sophomore attempt that seems just as eclectic as their first but with even more genres covered and mashed such as funk and industrial. The band had leaked two tracks ("Jewellery" and "Angel Lust") from the album and a bonus single, a cover of Portishead's "Sour Times", on their MySpace page. They released the album, August 26, 2009 in Japan and May 31, 2010 worldwide.

In 2009, Kevvy Mental scored the short film starring Canadian singer Sarah Slean entitled 'Last Flowers' directed by CJ Wallis. The film was nominated for a pair of Leo Awards.

Fake Shark Real Zombie's new album is called Liar. Producers and collaborators include Steve Bays, Greig Nori, Dave Ogilvie, Jimmy Urine, members of Die Mannequin, Japanese Voyeurs, and The Birthday Massacre.[5]


  • Quadruple Dare: Vancouver Mutilation


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