Frank Noon

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Frank Noon
Genres Hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums
Associated acts Def Leppard
The Next Band

Frank Noon is a drummer who played in the bands Def Leppard and Roadhouse[1] with guitarist Pete Willis.

He was preceded in Def Leppard by original drummer Tony Kenning and succeeded by current drummer Rick Allen.

He was succeeded in Roadhouse by drummer Trevor Brewis.


Frank Noon was a member of the trio The Next Band before, during, and after the time he was in Def Leppard, and played on The Next Band's Four By Three E.P..

Frank Noon played on Def Leppard's The Def Leppard E.P..

About a decade later, Frank Noon played in the band Roadhouse with his former Def Leppard bandmate Pete Willis. He played on Roadhouse's demo, but was replaced by drummer Trevor Brewis before the recording of Roadhouse's album.

Frank Noon also play drums for various other bands including Lionheart, Wild Fire, Wild Horses (not the same band that Johnny Edwards, Rick Steier and James Kottak were in), Stampede, Waysted,[2] Di'anno, and Crazy Lesbians.

Frank Noon was never an official member of Def Leppard. Whether he was asked to join or not is unclear. Def Leppard, just recently booking studio time and very recently without a drummer, hired Frank Noon to play. The studio was the only time they had ever played together. In February 2003, Frank Noon reunited with the reformed Atomic Mass at the Hallam FM Arena .[citation needed]


With The Next Band[edit]

  • Four By Three EP (1978)

With Def Leppard[edit]

With Bernie Tormé and the Electric Gypsies[edit]

  • Shoorah Shoorah (1982)

With Waysted[edit]

With Roadhouse[edit]

  • demo


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Preceded by
Tony Kenning
Def Leppard Drummer
Succeeded by
Rick Allen
Preceded by
Roadhouse Drummer
Succeeded by
Trevor Brewis