Frederick T. Woodman

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Frederick Thomas Woodman (June 2, 1871–March 25, 1949) served as the 31st Mayor of Los Angeles, California from 1916 to 1919.


Born in Concord, New Hampshire, Woodman served as president of the Los Angeles board of harbor commissioners. When Los Angeles Mayor Charles E. Sebastian resigned for health reasons, Woodman was elected to replace him.[1] He served as acting mayor from September 5, 1916 until 1917. The Republican then served as the duly elected mayor until July 1919.


  1. ^ Woodruff, Clinton Rogers, ed. (1916). "Notes and events". National Municipal Review (Concord, New Hampshire: National Municipal League) 5: 675. "Charles E. Sebastian, the mayor, has resigned on account of ill health, and Frederick T. Woodman, president of the board of harbor commissioners, has been elected his successor." 

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