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Free and Equal Elections Foundation Logo and Tagline

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation (Free & Equal) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization in the United States, the mission of which is to empower American voters through education and advocacy of electoral reforms.[1] Free & Equal was first organized in 1982 as the Foundation for Free Campaigns and Elections, before being formally reorganized in 2008 by Christina Tobin, an American activist and leader in the election reform and voters' rights movement.

2008 Presidential Debates[edit]

During the 2008 presidential election, Free & Equal hosted a presidential debate at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. on October, 23rd, 2008. Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin and independent candidate Ralph Nader participated in a debate moderated by award-winning journalist Chris Hedges. The Free & Equal debate was the only presidential debate featuring independent and third-party candidates held during the 2008 election to be broadcast to a national audience. The debate was broadcast live on C-SPAN2 in prime time.

2012 Presidential Debates[edit]

Free & Equal's 2012 "Open Presidential Debate" was moderated by Christina Tobin (left) and Larry King (right)

In 2012 Free & Equal sponsored the October 23, 2012 debate among four third party candidates for President of the United States. It featured former Governor Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) and Rocky Anderson (Justice Party). The debate was moderated by former Larry King Live host Larry King and Christina Tobin. It was televised by RT TV, Al-Jazeera and C-SPAN.[2][3] On November 5, RT TV broadcast the two candidates voted winners of that debate, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, from RT TV’s Washington, DC studio. (The debate was postponed from October 30 because of Hurricane Sandy.)[4]

United We Stand Movement[edit]

Free & Equal will host the “United We Stand” Festival Tour kicking off at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on May 10, 2014.

The UWS Festival tour will showcase music as well as panels of musicians, actors, writers, journalists, and other speakers discussing key issues such as: The Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA, war on drugs, drones, foreign policies, GMO, Internet freedom, election reform and more. The events will be recorded and broadcast globally.

The Festival will start at UCLA and continue on a 10-city university tour. The momentum of the tour will help unite and empower voters and build a base of supporters for young people running for local office in 2014. The Free & Equal Debate initiatives and Election Assistant app will also help support new candidates for office, especially those running for Congressional seats.

Their confirmed roster of musicians for UCLA includes: Public Enemy—with Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ Lord, and Professor Griff, Founders of Wu-Tang Clan, with Cappadonna, U-God, and Masta Killa, Rooftop Revolutionaries, Playing For Change, Immortal Technique, A-ALikes, Cynic[disambiguation needed], Luminaries, Golden State, Tatiana Moroz, and many more.

Speakers include Larry King, Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, David Bronner (Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, keynote speaker), Marianne Williamson (New York Times bestselling author, independent candidate for Congress (CA-33), keynote speaker), Sean Stone (Buzzsaw), Dr. Jill Stein, Gov. Gary Johnson, Amber Lyon (Emmy-Winning Journalist), Ben Swann (Emmy-Winning Journalist), Abby Martin (Breaking the Set), Diane Goldstein (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), Andrew Spencer (FairVote), Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees), Lee Camp, Kimberly & Foster Gamble (Thrive[disambiguation needed]), Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange), Tami Canal (March Against Monsanto), and many more.

Sponsors include Rock the Vote, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Hubert's Lemonade (Non-GMO), NORML, March Against Monsanto, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, FairVote, Drug Policy Alliance, People Against the NDAA, We Are Change, Culture Magazine, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies,,, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and more!


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