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Google Schemer was a Google service for sharing and discovering things to do. Users can list things they want to do, share it with other people and mark it as done once they have already accomplished it. Schemer is likely to be integrated with Google+ and you need to join Google+ to be able to use it. It is intended to help to find people with same interests, share their goals and have conversations with them. User will be able to add tags and locations as well. The site's partners include Food Network, Zagat, Bravo, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, and Thrillist.

Once inside the site, users can add ‘schemes’ that they would like to implement, anything from “exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends”. Also, tags and locations can be added, making it easy for fellow schemers to join you. The site also records the schemes that you’ve successfully carried out as a list of accomplishments. According to the site, the more you use Schemer, the better it gets at recommending activities for you, based on your track record.

Schemer has quite a few antecedents like Events on Facebook, Foursquare, 43 Things etc. with a similar concept of location based activity sharing.[1]

The closedown of Google Schemer was announced on 10th January 2014, with all data scheduled to be deleted on 7th February 2014.[2]

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