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The Green National Committee is the central governing body of the Green Party of the United States. The GNC is composed of delegates from each of the affiliated state party organizations and from recognized caucuses. The GNC oversees all national party functions and elects a Steering Committee to oversee day-to-day operations.

Steering Committee[edit]

The Steering Committee is composed of seven Co-chairs, acting as a collective executive, together with the Secretary and Treasurer. The Co-chairs of the Green Party of the United States are currently (2013 January): Susan Chunco (CA), Charles Ostdiek (NE), Farheen Hakeem (MN), Darryl Moch (DC), A.J. Segneri (IL), Steve Welzer (NJ), and Karen Young (NY). They are elected from the delegates who serve on the Green National Committee. The Secretary is Budd Dickinson (WA). The Treasurer is Jeff Turner (HI).

Current co-chairs[edit]

Past co-chairs[edit]

Standing committees[edit]

The GNC has several standing committees:[1]


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