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Parent company Lagardère Publishing
Founded 1880
Country of origin France
Headquarters location Paris
Key people Célia Rosentraub
Official website www.editions-hatier.fr

Hatier (pronounced: [a.tje]) is a French publishing house specializing in scholarly works, now integrated into the Hachette group.

Founded in 1880 by Alexandre Hatier, Hatier is today the third-most prolific publisher of educational materials in France. Approximately 20% of Hatier's sales are through international affiliates in Brazil, Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, and Spain.


After its 1880 founding, "la Librairie Hatier" began to publish coffee table books, then became known as early as 1886 for its first scholarly books, works in the natural sciences and "object lessons" for primary school. These titles quickly became a success.

In 1890, Alexandre Hatier published the first Bescherelle.

Starting in 1970, Éditions Hatier further developed its line of extracurricular materials, becoming the primary seller in this area in France. The "Bescherelle" collections--which teach French grammar--and the "Profil" imprint--which present various aspects of literary masterpieces--remain popular reference works in their respective domains.

In 1996, the Alexander Hatier Group integrated with Hachette. The group is currently directed by Célia Rosentraub.

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