House of the Infantado

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Infante Pedro was the first Lord of the Infantado, prior to becoming King Pedro III.

The House of the Infantado (Portuguese: Casa do Infantado) as a seigniory for the second eldest son of the Portuguese monarch.


Created in 1654 by King John IV of Portugal, the properties and riches confiscated from the Marquis of Vila Real, supporters of House of Habsburg, during the Portuguese Restoration War. The House of the Infantado belonged to and was passed on to the second-born son of each King — i.e., the Infante that was not entitled to the crown — as his appanage. This member of the Portuguese Royal family was known as the Lord of the House of Infantado (Senhor da Casa do Infantado) or simply the Lord of Infantado (Senhor do Infantado).


The Estate at Queluz was part of the Infantado prior to becoming a royal palace.

The following estates were part of the Casa do Infantado:

Lords of Infantado[edit]

The following Infantes of Portugal were Lords of Infantado:

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