Hugo Chila

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Hugo Chila
Personal information
Full name Hugo Dionisio Chila Ayoví
Born (1987-07-22) July 22, 1987 (age 27)
Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 64 kg (141 lb)
Country  Ecuador
Sport Athletics
Updated on 22 June 2013.
This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Chila and the second or maternal family name is Ayoví.

Hugo Dionisio Chila Ayoví (born 22 July 1987 in Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas) is an Ecuadorian long jumper and triple jumper.


He set a personal best and Ecuadorian record of 16.70 m in the triple jump at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics. He bettered this at the 2009 Bolivarian Games, jumping 17.03 m for the gold and a Games record. He also set a national record in the long jump competition at the 2009 Games, but his mark of 8.16 m was only enough for silver as Víctor Castillo produced a Championship record for the gold.[1]

Personal bests[edit]

  • 100 m: 10.37 s A (wind: +1.1 m/s)Ecuador Cuenca, 10 March 2007
  • Long jump: 8.16 m A (wind: +0.0 m/s)Bolivia Sucre, 23 November 2009
  • Triple jump: 17.03 m A (wind: +0.3 m/s)Bolivia Sucre, 25 November 2009


Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Ecuador
2004 South American Youth Championships Guayaquil, Ecuador 6th Long jump 6.85 m
3rd Triple jump 15.30 m
2005 South American Championships Cali, Colombia 2nd Triple jump 15.91 m (wind: +0.3 m/s)
3rd 4x100m relay 40.45 s
South American Junior Championships Rosario, Argentina 2nd Long jump 7.42 m (wind: +1.1 m/s)
1st Triple jump 15.57 m (wind: +1.4 m/s)
Bolivarian Games Armenia, Colombia 5th Long jump 7.61 m A (wind: +1.7 m/s)
2nd Triple jump 15.92 m A (wind: -2.1 m/s)
2006 World Junior Championships Beijing, China 7th Long jump 7.51 m (wind: +0.0 m/s)
2nd Triple jump 16.49 m (wind: -0.4 m/s)
South American Championships Tunja, Colombia 4th Long jump 7.84 m w A (wind: +3.5 m/s)
1st Triple jump 16.68 m w A (wind: +3.1 m/s)
4th 4x100m relay 40.56 s A
South American Under-23 Championships Buenos Aires, Argentina 3rd Long jump 7.53 m (wind: +0.7 m/s)
1st Triple jump 16.12 m (wind: +1.4 m/s)
2007 South American Championships São Paulo, Brazil 2nd Long jump 7.81 m (wind: +0.8 m/s)
2nd Triple jump 16.37 m (wind: +0.1 m/s)
4th 4x100m relay 40.05 s NR
Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 7th Long jump[2] 7.60 m (wind: +0.7 m/s)
9th Triple jump[3] 15.71 m (wind: +1.3 m/s)
2008 Ibero-American Championships Iquique, Chile 6th Long jump 7.30 m (wind: -1.3 m/s)
1st Triple jump 16.31 m (wind: +0.0m/s)
Olympic Games Beijing, China 24th (q) Long jump 7.77 m (wind: +0.2 m/s)
South American Under-23 Championships Lima, Perú 2nd Long jump 7.60 m A
1st Triple jump 16.68 m A (wind: +1.8 m/s)
2009 ALBA Games La Habana, Cuba 4th (h) 100 m 10.84 s (wind: -0.5 m/s)
7th Long jump 7.34 m (wind: +0.7 m/s)
6th Triple jump 16.28 m w (wind: +2.6 m/s)
2nd 4x100 m relay 40.67 s
South American Championships Lima, Perú 3rd Long jump 7.51 m A (wind: -0.2 m/s)
2nd Triple jump 16.12 m A (wind: -0.8 m/s)
5th 4x100m relay 41.41 s A
World Championships Berlin, Germany 39th (q) Long jump 7.54 m (wind: +1.0 m/s)
20th (q) Triple jump 16.70 m NR (wind: +0.2 m/s)
Bolivarian Games Sucre, Bolivia 2nd Long jump 8.16 m A (wind: +0.0 m/s)
1st Triple jump 17.03 m GR A (wind: +0.3 m/s)
3rd 4x100 m relay 39.80 A
2010 Ibero-American Championships San Fernando, Spain 4th Long jump 7.58 m (wind: +1.8 m/s)
10th Triple jump 13.61 m (wind: +0.9 m/s)
2011 ALBA Games Barquisimeto, Venezuela 2nd Long jump 7.66 m (wind: +0.1 m/s)
1st Triple jump 15.69 m (wind: +0.2 m/s)
3rd 4x100 m relay 40.73 s
South American Championships Buenos Aires, Argentina 6th Long jump 7.38 m (wind: +1.9 m/s)
5th 4x100 41.90 m
Universiade Shenzhen, China 15th (q) Long jump 7.57 m (wind: +0.2 m/s)
20th (q) Triple jump 15.48 m
Pan American Games Guadalajara, Mexico 10th Long jump 7.33 m (wind: -1.6 m/s)
10th Triple jump 15.71 m
5th 4 x 100 metres relay 39.76 s A NR


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