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Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc
Formation 12 February 1980
Type Non-profit Religious Organization
Headquarters 11811 Calhoun Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68152, United States
Coordinates 41°22′03″N 95°59′00″W / 41.367598°N 95.983230°W / 41.367598; -95.983230Coordinates: 41°22′03″N 95°59′00″W / 41.367598°N 95.983230°W / 41.367598; -95.983230
Mother Nadine Brown



Nadine Mae Brown (Mother Nadine) October 24, 1929 - June 3, 2013

Early years: After an adult conversion to Catholicism, Nadine Brown, (known by many as Mother Nadine) was called to follow the Lord in a life of prayer and penance as a cloistered religious in the Sisters of the Cross, the contemplative branch of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd. Sixteen years later, is was discerned He was now calling her out of the cloister in order to bring the rich heritage of this contemplative spirituality and its intercessory fruits to the wider body of the Faithful, thereby offering to all Christians the means of achieving a deeper relationship with God, which was formerly seen as only available to consecrated Religious. Subsequently, in 1976, Nadine left the cloister and with permission from then Archbishop of Omaha, Daniel Sheehan, began to implement the ministry, living and teaching contemplative spirituality and its intercessory lifestyle, outside of the cloister. A local family later offered their carriage house, which served as a hermitage for Nadine, and their nearby log cabin, which allowed for others to participate in communal intercessory prayer and also make individual retreats. Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. was incorporated in 1980 with the full permission of Archbishop Daniel Sheehan, “in response to the need to call persons to the experience of prayer and contemplative solitude, in the midst of the complexities, haste, and multiple demands imposed upon the individual by contemporary society.” (1) IRS form 1023 3/1/80 Application for Exempt Status

Exempt Status[edit]

Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. received its Tax Exempt status in 1980 and continues today as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) Fed ID # 47-0625390.


Mission Statement of Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. : Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. is a Christian organization dedicated to form contemplatives, nationally and internationally, through individualized and group retreats, spiritual direction, conferences, workshops, prayer seminars, and communal intercessory prayer ministry. Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. also offers literature, brochures, books, CDs, and DVDs instructive in the ways and methods of contemplation, directed toward the experience of interior union with God.” (2)

(2)From 2013 form 990

Bellwether Contemplative Formation Center: In 1984, the growing community acquired 11 acres and two houses in the Ponca Hills area North of Omaha Nebraska. This became the ’beginnings’ of the Bellwether Contemplative Formation Center, referred to as “Bellwether” located at 11811 Calhoun Road, Omaha Nebraska 68152. Over the course of the next 25 years, Bellwether grew to be a 75 acre Contemplative Formation Center, which currently has two large retreat houses, a chapel, two residence homes, and a building which when completely renovated, will be able to accommodate groups desiring the spiritual formation and ministry of the Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. A Spirit of Prayer, Penance, Silence and Solitude are promoted at Bellwether and serve as the four pillars of the contemplative way of life.

Annual International Conference: In 1994, Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. hosted its First Annual International Workshop of Contemplative, Intercessory and Spiritual Warfare Prayer. This summer conference grew and many people participated. The 21st annual conference was held at Bellwether in 2014 and though smaller, attracted people from five countries.

Publications and Materials: Nadine Brown authored many books, tapes and materials in order to help in the instruction of the ways and methods of contemplation: Among them are Bathe Seven Times: A Contemplative Look at the Seven Capitals Sins (2003) and God's Armor (1998).

Hermit Association of Intercessors of the Lamb (1998–2010) In 1992, Nadine Brown and five others formed a Private Association of the Faithful under Archbishop Daniel Sheehan. In 1998, under Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss, a Public Association of the Faithful was canonically erected, known as the Hermit Association of the Intercessors of the Lamb. In 2010, the Hermit Association was suppressed under Archbishop Lucas and no longer exists.

Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. (1980 – through present) In 2010, Nadine and 10 of the former members of the Hermit Association remained at Bellwether continuing to promote contemplative spirituality, communal intercession and spiritual warfare prayer, providing retreats and spiritual guidance. Nadine Brown died on June 3, 2013. As of March 2015, there are 20 full time individuals, from various backgrounds and nationalities, who refer to themselves informally as the Bellwether Lambs. There are also many gospel-inspired individuals from around the world who actively participate in the ministry, in their respective prayer circles, multiplying the activity of a few toward the spiritual formation of many.

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