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Combination of
Lidocaine Local anesthetic
Epinephrine Vasoconstrictor
Clinical data
  • Approved in United States in 1995. Discontinued in 2005.
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Iontocaine, is the anesthetic medication used in conjunction with the stimulator (Phoresor PM900) and electrodes (IOMED IOGEL, Small), branded by both the name Numby and Phoresor PM900 by IOMED inc. It is a local anesthetic with vasoconstrictor, administered via iontophoresis through the skin. It can numb up to 10 mm of skin as quick as 10 minutes. It is a 2% lidocaine, 0.01 mg/ml epinephrine solution. It was manufactured by IOMED, Inc.

Iontocaine was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration on 21 December 1995.[1] It was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2005.[2]

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