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JM Productions
Industry Pornography
Founder Jeff Steward
Headquarters Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA[1]
Area served
Key people
Tony Malice (producer & publicist)
Products Pornographic films
Owner Jeff Steward & Mike Norton[2][3]

JM (Jeff Mike) Productions is a hardcore pornographic film production and distribution company based in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California. The studio's material is controversial, with its films often featuring erotic humiliation and rough sex. JM has faced legal charges of obscenity in the U.S., and its films have been accused of being demeaning to women. The studio has also won many industry awards.


The company was founded by Jeff Steward.[4] Previously he had worked for Legend Video.[5] The first film it produced was The Violation of Rachel Love, in 1995.[6]

On 21 May 2001 the company's offices were raided by twenty officers from the LAPD. The officers confiscated several bukkake-themed videos. In response Jeff Steward stated, "Some guy swims in feces on MTV, and that's OK? But for a girl to swallow 80 loads of cum is obscene? I dont think so." On the evening of the raid, Jim Powers was in North Hollywood filming another bukkake film. In reference to what he considered the injustice of the raid, he announced to the men involved, "We're doing this for all of America".[7]

On 31 May 2006, the company, Jeff Steward, Mike Norton and distributor Five Star Video were indicted for distribution of obscenity by the Department of Justice.[8] The named JM movies were American Bukkake 13, Gag Factor 15, Gag Factor 18 and Filthy Things 6. In Gag Factor 15 Ashley Blue performs a throat fucking parody of the torture at Abu Ghraib prison.[9][10] The defendants faced a maximum sentence of five years for each of the obscenity counts.[8] Jeff Steward was defended by lawyer Al Gelbard, who also represented Evil Angel in their obscenity trial.[11] In his opening arguments at the trial, the prosecutor cited "the sacred place of mothers in society", in reference to the treatment of the film's actresses.[12] On 16 October 2007 all obscenity charges against JM and Jeff Steward were dropped, due to lack of evidence that JM had sold the films to Five Star.[2] Cast interviews demonstrating that actresses appearing in roles that simulated abuse or degradation did so willingly played a role in the acquittal.[12] A Phoenix jury later found Five Star guilty of interstate transportation of obscene materials, due to it having posted “Gag Factor 18” to an FBI agent in Virginia.[13] The jury acquitted Five Star on charges related to “Filthy Things 6” and “American Bukkake 13.”[13] In an embarrassing revelation for the prosecutors of JM, during the legal proceedings it emerged that the U.S. Trustee’s Office of the Justice Department had previously supervised the sale of the same films involved in the case, while administering the bankruptcy of Arizona-based Castle Megastore.[13] After the trial a juror said the jury had great difficulty deciding on the "community standard" section of the Miller test used to judge obscenity, and that the jury thought prosecuting obscenity crimes was a waste of time and FBI resources.[14]

JM started filming in high-definition in 2006.[4] It released its first Blu-ray Disc in 2008, The Violation of Trina Michaels.[4]

In February 2008, a bukkake shoot directed by Jim Powers was subject to an armed robbery. An armed man held a gun to the head of production manager Johnny Thrust and demanded money. The shoot featured actress Ami Emerson eating 71 men's semen, which had been mixed into an omelet. The men involved were to be paid $75 each, making the total amount stolen around $3,500. Powers offered a $1000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. After the robbery, the shoot went ahead.[15]

Distribution deals[edit]

JM is the distributor for Brandon Iron Productions, Khan Tusion’s Pariah Pictures, Grip & Cram Johnson’s Chatsworth Pictures and[16] In 2005 it signed a deal to make JM content available on's pay-per-minute video-on-demand site.[17] Its films are also available on Fyre TV, and on's pay-per-view service.[18][19]

Recently JM has lost ownership of Jim Powers' Powersville Inc. and Max Hardcore's Max World Entertainment.

Film series[edit]

The company has produced the following film series:

American Bukkake, American Gokkun, Anal Full Nelson, Assy, Attention Whores, Black Monster Dicks Fucking White Chicks, Bootylicious, Cock Star, D.P. Virgins, First Time Lesbians, Fuck Machines, Gag Factor, Girlvert, Gutter Mouths, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lesbian Bukkake, Liquid Gold, Mother of the Year, Over Stuffed, Perverted Stories, Porn's Most Outrageous Out Takes, Reverse Bukkake, Slave, Stuff Your Ass, Stuff Your Face, Swirlies, The Violation of..., Tough Love, White Trash Whore, Wife, Mother, Whore and Young & Anal.[20]

American Bukkake[edit]

American Bukkake is a series focussing on bukkake directed by Jim Powers.[7] JM shoots scenes in North Hollywood every Wednesday night, for three weeks running, every third month.[7] The male performers are members of the public who have replied to newspaper adverts or have called the "bukkake hotline" telephone number.[7] Normally 50 to 100 men take part, who are paid $35 each.[7] Some of the men disguise their identities by wearing masks or bandanas over their faces.[7] The female performers are professional pornographic actresses, and are paid $500 for a shoot that usually lasts around two hours.[7]

Gag Factor[edit]

Gag Factor is a film series featuring rough deep throating (irrumatio). Most scenes in the films have an actress who hangs her head over the side of a bed, and a male actor who thrusts his penis down her throat. The goal is to make the actress gag and thereby coat her face in mucus, saliva, occasionally vomit and eventually semen. The makers of the films refer to the women participants as "victims" and ask them to respond to the name "Head". The series motto is "The best throatfucking ever lensed". The movies also feature some of their female "victims" wearing black tape over their eyes in the shape of X's. Gag Factor 1 was released in 2000.[21]

Lesbian Bukkake[edit]

Lesbian Bukkake is a film series specialising in lesbian bukkake: the practice of several women taking turns to ejaculate on one woman.[22] The behavior of Lesbian Bukkake in film is listed as one of the many that are an example of "contemporary hardcore pornography."[23]


Former contract star Ashley Blue

In March 2004 Ashley Blue signed a three-year contract with JM, and appeared in the Girlvert series.[24] In 2005 the company bought her a Jaguar car after she extended her contract by a year.[25] On February 14, 2007 she ended her contract, entering immediately into a one-year commitment with LA Direct Models.[24] Hillary Scott appeared in American Bukkake 29, Swirlies 2, Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2 and Hillary Scott Cock Star.[26] 2004's Guttermouths 30 featured the first pornographic scene enacting the urban legend of the donkey punch, showing Gia Paloma being punched on the back of her head by Alex Sanders.[27]


Numerous JM movies are directed by Jim Powers.[28] Other directors include the Johnson Brothers.[29] Ashley Blue directed the Girlvert and Lesbian Bukkake series.[25]


Gag Factor 10 is discussed in a piece by Robert Jensen of the School of Journalism at the University of Texas. He includes it as an example of pornography which he alleges is dangerous and denigrates women, as the actresses appear to be in pain in the film.[30]

The Tough Love series is criticized in an article in The Age as an example of pornography that contains sexual violence, and "images that are gratuitous or offensive towards women". The Tough Love films feature, among other things, naked woman having their heads flushed down a toilet bowl. Some of the film covers feature the slogan: "Love should leave marks."[31]

In 2005 JM released Donkey Punch, which features actresses receiving a Donkey Punch. Actress Alex Divine reportedly posted on that "Donkey Punch was the most brutal, depressing, scary scene that I have ever done." Although she initially agreed to be hit on the head during the scene, she claimed to have misunderstood exactly how physical the scene would be.[29]

JM producer Tony Malice has said it does not produce extreme content for extremity's sake, they produce it because there is a demand for this sort of content. Malice says consumer demand for extreme content has been driven by an excess of Vanilla sex content, produced by more mainstream studios.[5]


The following is a selection of some of the major awards JM films have won.

  • 1999 AVN award - 'Best Continuing Video Series' for White Trash Whore[32]
  • 2000 AVN award - 'Best All-Girl Series' for The Violation Of...[32]
  • 2000 AVN award - 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' for Mila, Herschel Savage and Dave Hardman in Perverted Stories 22[32]
  • 2000 AVN award - 'Best Vignette Series' for Perverted Stories[32]
  • 2001 AVN award - 'Best Vignette Series' for Perverted Stories[32]
  • 2001 AVN award - 'Best All-Girl Series' for The Violation Of...[32]
  • 2002 AVN award - 'Best All-Girl Series' for The Violation Of...[32]
  • 2002 AVN award - 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' for Kristen Kane, Herschel Savage and Rafe in Perverted Stories 31[32]
  • 2003 AVN award - 'Best All-Girl Series' for The Violation Of...[32]
  • 2003 AVN award - 'Best Oral-Themed Series' for "Gag Factor"[32]
  • 2004 AVN award - 'Best Oral-Themed Series' for "Gag Factor"[32]
  • 2004 AVN award - 'Best Continuing Video Series' for Girlvert[32]
  • 2004 AVN award - 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' for Julie Night, Maggie Star and Mr. Pete in Perverted Stories, The Movie[32]
  • 2005 AVN award - 'Best All-Girl Series' for The Violation Of...[32]
  • 2005 AVN award - 'Best Oral-Themed Feature' for Francesca Le's Cum Swallowing Whores 3[32]
  • 2005 AVN award - 'Best Specialty Release - Big Bust' for Francesca's Juggies[32]
  • 2005 AVN award - 'Best Continuing Video Series' for Girlvert[32]
  • 2006 AVN award - 'Best Continuing Video Series' for Girlvert[32]
  • 2007 AVN award - 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' for Ashley Blue, Amber Wild and Steve French in Girlvert 11[32]
  • 2008 AVN award - 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' for Cindy Crawford, Rick Masters and Audrey Hollander in Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores[33]
  • 2008 AVN award - 'Reuben Sturman Award' for Jeff Steward of JM Productions[33]


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