Jackie Marone

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Jackie Marone
Leslie Anne Down as Jackie.jpg
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Lesley-Anne Down
Duration 2003–12
First appearance April 1, 2003
Last appearance February 29, 2012 [1]
Created by Bradley Bell
Classification Former, regular
Other names Jackie M
Occupation Former Prostitute, Businesswoman
Home New York

Jacqueline "Jackie" Marone Knight (formerly Payne) is a fictional character in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by British actress Lesley-Anne Down. She first appeared on April 1, 2003. In January 2012 it was confirmed that Down was not given a contract renewal, and would exit the show.[2]


Jackie came to town shortly after her son Nick moved to L.A. working for Lauren Fenmore and Fenmore's Department Stores and immediately set her sights on Eric Forrester. This put Jackie at odds with Eric's wife, Stephanie, from the start. When her son became involved with Brooke Logan, who was engaged to Ridge Forrester, Jackie didn't care and pushed Nick to pursue Brooke but this caused Jackie to meet her old lover and Ridge's father Massimo Marone. Jackie began to see Massimo and during a flight that crashed she admitted to Massimo that he was Nick's father and both realized that Frank Payne, her husband at the time, had deceived both of them into thinking that neither cared for the other and Massimo never knew about Nick. Only Jackie knew that Nick was Massimo's son. Jackie and Massimo soon got married and he planned a great future but Jackie continued to support Nick's pursuit of Brooke while Massimo was caught in the middle of the war over Brooke between Ridge and Nick. Brooke married Ridge and the two honeymooned in South America but Ridge and later Brooke and Nick were kidnapped by Sheila Carter. Massimo led a rescue mission but during a fight with Sheila's thugs Ridge was rescuing Brooke but he fell into a burning furnace and was thought to have died. Brooke was overcome with grief and Nick followed her and seduced her but Ridge survived and he returned to L.A. Brooke discovered she was pregnant. Unsure of who the father was, Brooke told Ridge about her night with Nick and took a paternity test that said Nick was the father.

Jackie hasn't been around much lately, she was gleefully present at her son's wedding to Bridget Forrester and most recently was seen visiting Eric Forrester in the hospital after he lapsed into a coma. She was a possible suspect in his poisoning but she was once again cleared when Pamela Douglas was revealed to be guilty of the crime. While standing in Eric's hospital room though she did say that if he had married her when he had the chance he wouldn't be in the position he's in now. Most recently Jacqueline's public appearances have included Jack's first birthday party, Ridge and Brooke's rehearsal dinner, Phoebe Forrester's memorial service and Forrester Creations Swim Line Fashion Show. Jackie's company was in danger of going bankrupt so she merged Jackie M Boutiques and M Fashions into one company called Jackie M Designs. Nick rejects her advances, but Jackie makes a deal with Pam: in exchange for her getting to spend time with Nick, Pam agrees to steal some of the sketches from Eric. Pam, who is very hopeful of getting the attention of Nick, goes to work at Forrester Creations, as a receptionist. Pam then took the opportunity to grab each design and handed them over to Nick and Jackie. Thanks to Pam, Jackie M was back in business. After the Jackie M collection is shown, the Forresters soon discover that Nick and Jackie stole their designs, and later discovered that Pam was behind it. In February 2012, Bridget and Owen announce their decision to split in order to allow Owen to return to his marriage with Jackie. Owen and Jackie reunite and declare their love for each other. Jackie moved to New York with Bridget and Logan to be with Owen's family.



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