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Jerry Miculek (/ˈmɪəlɛk/) is a speed shooter and competition shooting instructor.[1] He is renowned as one of the fastest revolver shooters in the world, emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a playing card.[citation needed] Miculek currently holds five world records in exhibition revolver shooting.[citation needed] He is married to Kay Clark Miculek, herself an accomplished shooter, holding numerous national and world titles.

In addition, Miculek is an experienced gunsmith who tunes and adjusts his own revolvers for optimum function.

He is endorsed by Smith & Wesson, who created the S&W Model 625JM model in honor of him.

An avid shooter, Jerry holds numerous national and world shooting titles:[citation needed]

  • Seven time USPSA 3-Gun National Championship
  • Four time USPSA Multi-gun National Championship
  • Four time 2nd Chance Bowling Pin Champion
  • 1997 and 2007 American Handgunner World Shoot-Off Champion (The only person ever to win this title with a revolver.)
  • Twenty time International Revolver Champion
  • Member of seven time winning pro team at the Sportsmans Team Challenge
  • Eight time USPSA National Revolver Champion
  • Three time Masters International Long Gun Champion
  • Two time International Practical Shooting Confederation World Revolver Champion
  • Ten time IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver Champion
  • One time Bianchi Cup NRA World Action Pistol Metallic Champion

World records held[edit]

Task Firearm(s) Used Time (sec) Date Notes
Fire six shots (each) from 10 different .38 caliber revolvers S&W Model 64 revolvers (10) 17.12 September 25, 2003 Broke Ed McGivern's record of 25 seconds.
Fire six shots, reload, fire six shots from 1 revolver S&W Model 625 revolver 2.99 September 11, 1999
Fire eight shots from a revolver on a single target S&W Model 627 V-Comp revolver 1.00 September 11, 1999
Fire eight shots from a revolver on four targets (2 hits each target) S&W Model 627 V-Comp revolver 1.06 September 11, 1999

Miculek also demonstrated the ability to fire five shots from a revolver on target with a S&W Model 64 ported barrel revolver in 0.57 seconds on September 25, 2003. This is slower than the record held by Ed McGivern of 0.45 sec (first shot on 9/13/1932, reproduced 4 times on 12/8/1932). Originally recorded as "two-fifths of a second", the resolution of the timing equipment in 1932 was only 0.20 of a second, so the actual figure could have been anywhere between 0.40 and 0.45 seconds.[citation needed]


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