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Jessica Straus
Born Jessica Suzanne Straus
November 14, 1962
Los Angeles, California
Other names Jessica Strauss, Jessica Stenuis, Jennifer Proud, Jasmine Dias, Sandra Jacobs
Occupation Voice Actress
Agent Coast to Coast Talent Group
Notable credit(s) Eureka Seven
as Gidget
as Junko Miyaji
Wolf's Rain
as Blue
Super Street Fighter IV
as Juri

Jessica Suzanne Straus is an American voice actress who works in animation, anime and video game series. She provided voices for such titles as Super Street Fighter IV, .hack//GU//Rebirth and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Other roles that Straus has done include Gidget on Eureka Seven and the Amazon character in the game Diablo II.



Video Games[edit]


  • Kioka - Beep & Bop - preschool animated series
  • LeapFrog - Tad & misc. roles - 4 DVDs(lead)
  • Little Big Panda - Chi Chi[2]
  • The Snow Queen - Gerda (lead)- animated feature film


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