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Jojo or JoJo may refer to:




Other persons[edit]

  • Jejomar Binay (born 1942), nicknamed JoJo, Philippine Vice-President and former mayor of Makati
  • Jojo Chintoh (born c. 1940), Canadian television journalist
  • Jōjō Masashige (1545–1643), Japanese samurai of the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Jojo Moyes (born 1969), British novelist
  • JoJo Savard, Canadian self-proclaimed psychic
  • Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy, Fedor Jeftichew, Russian–American sideshow performer of the late 1800s
  • JoJo Wright, American radio host
  • Jo Frost (born 1971), British nanny and TV personality of Supernanny fame, who addresses herself to children as "Jo-Jo"

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