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The following is a John McLaughlin discography, grouped by albums released under his name, the Miles Davis albums which he played on, albums from his group Mahavishnu Orchestra, his group Shakti, and albums where he is a session player on other artist's releases.

Solo albums[edit]

Miles Davis albums[edit]

Mahavishnu Orchestra albums[edit]

1971 The Inner Mounting Flame Full-Length
1973 Birds of Fire Full-Length
1973 The Lost Trident Sessions Released in
1973 Between Nothingness and Eternity Live Album
1974 Apocalypse Full-Length
1975 Visions of the Emerald Beyond Full-Length
1976 Inner Worlds Full-Length
1980 The Best of Mahavishnu Orchestra Full-Length (compilation)
1984 Mahavishnu Full-Length
1986 Adventures in Radioland Full-Length
1994 The Collection Full-Length (compilation)

Shakti albums[edit]

Collaborative albums[edit]

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • Compact Jazz, 1993, Verve