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Kane is a Celtic Irish surname and is an anglicisation of Cathan meaning war like (see Ó Catháin). It is also a noble Norwegian surname. Notable people with the name include:




Comics artists[edit]

Musicians and performers[edit]

Politicians and military people[edit]

  • Richard Rutledge Kane, Resident Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Protectorate
  • Elisha Kent Kane, medical officer in the United States Navy during the first half of the 19th century, member of two arctic expeditions.
  • James Kane (1895–1964), Australian politician
  • Thomas L. Kane (1822–1883), American Civil War general and founder of Kane, Pennsylvania


Science and medical[edit]

  • Evan O'Neill Kane (1861–1932), surgeon who performed several self-operations
  • Gordon L. Kane, an internationally recognized scientific leader in theoretical and phenomenological particle physics
  • Katherine Sophia Kane (1811-1886), Irish botanist
  • William T. Kane (1932–2008), a physicist who held patents in crystallography and heat-sensing