Khaled Mardam-Bey

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Khaled Mardam-Bey
خالد مردم بك
Born (1968-03-19) March 19, 1968 (age 46)
Amman, Jordan
Nationality United Kingdom British
Occupation programmer
Personal homepage

Khaled Mardam-Bey (Arabic: خالد مردم بك‎) (born March 19, 1968) is a British programmer of Palestinian and Syrian origin. He is notable for creating and developing the popular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for Microsoft Windows, mIRC.[1][2]


Main article: mIRC

Mardam-Bey began developing the software in late 1994, and released its first version on February 28, 1995.[3][non-primary source needed]

Mardam-Bey decided to create mIRC because he found the first IRC client for Windows, WinIRC, lacked some basic IRC features. Then he continued developing it due to the challenge and the fact that people appreciated his work.

mIRC became very popular, having been downloaded almost 21 million times from CNET's service as of January 2011.[4] Nielsen Net Rankings also ranked mIRC among the top 10 most popular Internet applications in 2003.[5]

Through the years Mardam-Bey has developed the software by himself, occasionally posting the beta versions of mIRC in order to have users test them for bugs.[3][non-primary source needed]

Mardam-Bey initially developed mIRC as a hobby and used to distribute it as a Freeware. Later, as mIRC became very popular and after Mardam-Bey realized he needed to devote more time to develop it, he decided to change the software license in order to make a living from developing it. Consequently, since 2004,[citation needed] Mardam-Bey distributed the software with an uncrippled evaluation license which after a 30-day evaluation period employs a nag screen that pops up on startup which urge the users to register for $20 so as to support the further development of mIRC, although the program can still be used after expiration. Since then Mardam-Bey's main work has been the development of mIRC.[citation needed]

Private life[edit]

He was born in 1968 in Amman, Jordan, to a Syrian father and a Palestinian mother.[6] He currently resides in London.[7][non-primary source needed]

Mardam-Bey is vegetarian, citing moral and health reasons.[8][non-primary source needed]


Before developing mIRC, Mardam-Bey studied for a master's degree in cognitive science at the University of Westminster.[9][non-primary source needed]

During the 2000s Mardam-Bey visited the Palestinian Authority to complete his master's research in environmental sciences.[7][non-primary source needed]


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