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Kuala Lipis is a town in Pahang, Malaysia with a population of 20,000. It is located in the district of Lipis.


Kuala Lipis was a gold-mining center before the British arrived in 1887. In 1898 it became the capital of Pahang until 1953.

During this time, grand colonial buildings, such as the imposing District Offices and the Clifford School, and the Pahang Club were built. The hilltop house of the British Resident is now a hotel and museum.

The town grew and prospered with the coming of the railway in 1924. However, in August 1955, the state capital was shifted to Kuantan, and Kuala Lipis fell into a decline. It is now a sleepy and picturesque town with reminders of a once important past.


Interesting Sites[edit]

  • Kuala Lipis old town.
  • Hilltop house of the British Resident.
  • Lipis District old Office.
  • Old Railway Station.
  • Clifford School.
  • Rumah Banjir.
  • Pahang club.
  • Lipis Zoo.
  • Sungai Jelai.
  • Kuala Lipis new town.
  • Lipis District new Office.
  • Muzium Warisan Lipis.
  • Hilltop house of Bukit Bius.
  • Hutan Lipur Terenggun


From Kuala Lipis you can go to Kenong Rimba Park, which is about 10 km away. It is a forest reserve, accessible by train or boat. It is a good place for trekking and caving.


There is a KTM Train Station in Kuala Lipis near to Jalan Pekeliling, main road of Kuala Lipis town. From the town, you take a bus or cab for 30 minutes journey to Tanjung Kiara Jetty. From here you either can walk (trekking) for about one and half hour to base camp or take a 4 wheel drive for only 20 minutes. Activities: There are several activities can be done at this park such as caveing, jungle trekking, night walking, hill climbing, birds and animals observation.

Notable Personalities[edit]

  • Malaysian pop diva Siti Nurhaliza was also born here. Her family still lives in Kuala Lipis and the house she built for them became the talk of town as it was rumoured to cost millions of ringgit. It has now become a tourist attraction. The town council even provided directions to the house on a signboard and made parking space for tour buses available near the house. During her wedding in 2007, her wedding reception for friends and fans here was made an official function for the whole town by the council.

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