Lacandon language

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Pronunciation [xatʃ tʼaːn]
Native to Mexico
Region Chiapas
Ethnicity Lacandon people
Native speakers
560  (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lac

Lacandon (Jach-t’aan in the revised orthography of the Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indigenas)[2] is a Mayan language spoken by approximately 1000 Lacandon people in the state of Chiapas in Mexico.[3] Native Lacandon speakers refer to their language as Jach t’aan or Hach t'an. A portion of the Lacandon people also speak Tzeltal, Chol, and Spanish.[3]


The following tables list the standard phonemes of the Lacandon language.


  Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Laryngeal
aspirated ejective aspirated ejective aspirated ejective aspirated ejective
Nasal   m  [m]   n  [n]      
Plosive b'  [ɓ] p'  [pʼ] t   [tʰ] t'  [tʼ] k  [kʰ] k'  [kʼ] 7 [ʔ]
Affricate p  [p̪ʰ] tz  [tsʰ] tz'  [tsʼ] ch  [tʃʰ] ch'  [tʃʼ]      
Fricative s  [s] x  [ʃ]   h  [ʜ]
Approximant   l  [l]   y  [j]   w [ʋ]  
Flap   r  [ɾ]