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This article features characters from both Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2.

Creation and design[edit]

In order to portray the first game's non-standard world, Kazuma Kaneko had all the characters in this world have hair and eye colors that are impossible in the real world without having to dye or use contact lens. On top of that DDS’s distinguishing feature is that the characters can transform into demons, and to show that they have that power, they have a sign somewhere on their bodies called an “Atma”. This embodies the world of DDS and is the basis of all the characters. Sera, however, has normal-colored hair to show that she is a unique existence to this particular world.[1]

In the world of the Junkyard, where battle is never-ending, injuries are probably very common. But the only character to show her scar is Argilla. This is because in a dog-eat-dog world like this, showing one’s scar is showing one’s weakness, so it is a natural rule for everyone to cover up any scars they can. The reason why Argilla shows it off is to remind herself of her own weakness. Kaneko chose to express her in this way to show that she is the type of person to overcome many difficulties.[1]

The Junkyard was made to be able to "amplify the sense of desperation the characters begin to feel once their emotions have been awakened." As a result, Atlus believes fans will feel attached to characters due to the detail of the graphics.[2]

Introduced in Digital Devil Saga[edit]


Serph (サーフ Sa-fu?) is the silent leader of the Embryon tribe based in the Muladhara region of the Junkyard. A silent, largely emotionless protagonist and the main character of the game. The "Water Crown" Atma on Serph's cheek allows him to transform into Varna (ヴァルナ?) (actually Varuna). Over the course of the game, he forms a bond with Sera and soon becomes determined to protect her.

He is based on Sera's perception of who Serph Sheffield was. His lack of personality reflects how little she actually knew of the real Serph; however, he grows as a character and becomes distinct from both the original Serph Sheffield and Sera's false perception of him. Voiced by Kenji Nojima/Yuri Lowenthal.


Heat (ヒート Hito?). Serph's unofficial second in command, uses the "Fireball" Atma, which allows him to transform into Agni (アグニ?). Heat wrestles with violent tendencies and mistaken romantic feelings towards Sera.

He is based on Sera's perception of Heat O'Brien, a scientist who worked alongside Serph Sheffield on the God Project. Despite his hostile exterior, O'Brien genuinely cared for Sera and became horrified at how callously Sheffield treated her. When O'Brien attempted to stop him and save Sera's life, he was shot in the back by Argilla (under Sheffield's manipulations). O'Brien's data then became trapped in the E.G.G. and watched over Sera while his counterpart in the Junkyard developed to become his own person. Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa/Crispin Freeman.


Seraphita (セラフィタ?), better known as Sera (セラ?), is discovered by the Embryon. stands out from other citizens of the Junkyard because of her black hair, her lack of a tag ring, and her strange singing. The Karma Temple's decree states that to reach Nirvana, one must bring Sera. Her song has the power to suppress the demonic instincts of the Junkyard inhabitants.

Sera is actually the creator of the Junkyard, using a psychic power that allows her to manipulate data. In the real world, her power was used in a series of experiments designed to communicate with the superbeing known as "God". Because of the stress of these experiments, Sera created the Junkyard as a private paradise and haven for her own mind. When the existence of the Junkyard was discovered, the scientists forced her to re-purpose it into a military simulator for the development of combat A.Is.

When Jenna Angel attempted to use the Junkyard as a testing ground for her plan to unleash the Demon Virus on a worldwide scale, Sera forcibly inserted her consciousness into the program at the cost of her memories. Her real body rests in the real world, hooked into an incubator that sustains her frail life. During the events of Digital Devil Saga 2 she inherits the Water Crown Atma from Serph, which lets her transform into Varuni. Voiced by Hōko Kuwashima/Wendee Lee.


Argilla (アルジラ Arujira?) is the Embryon's master sniper and can change into Prithivi, as shown by the "Seismic Wave" Atma on her chest. Manifesting emotions of kindness, she immediately rejects the idea of devouring others, but realizes it is a necessary evil if she is to protect Sera and return to normal.

Argilla was based upon a nurse who took care of Sera during her time in the God Project. Although caring and flirtatious, the real Argilla fell prey to Serph Sheffield's manipulations and killed Heat O'Brien when he threatened Serph with a gun. Voiced by Yumi Tōma/Amanda Winn Lee.


Gale (ゲイル Geiru?). Gale's computer-like calculations and analysis serve him well as the strategist for the Embryon. The "Twister" Atma on his leg signifies his metamorphosis into Vayu (ヴァーユ Vāyu?). Gale has a recurring vision after the awakening, but labels it illogical and continues on as normal.

His past self was David Gale, a researcher in love with Jenna Angel. Unfortunately, he caught Curvier Syndrome and died when his isolation ward was attacked by terrorists. Although he spent his dying moments trying to put Jenna's mind at ease, his death acted as the catalyst for many of her machinations. Voiced by Hideyuki Hori/Steven Jay Blum.


Cielo (シエロ Shiero?). Another key member of the Embryon, uses the "Rainbow Arch" Atma to transform into Dyaus (ディアウス Diausu?). He is cheerful, and tends to act foolishly, which eases tensions among the group. After Gale went on a rampage and almost cornered Cielo, Sera calmed him by singing. As such, Cielo wishes to protect her for saving him.

He was based on one of the other children involved in the preliminary stages of the God Project, where he struck up a lasting friendship with Sera. He would end up dying in the experiments along with every other child except for Sera. Voiced by Hiroaki Miura/Dave Wittenberg.


Angel (エンジェル?). A mysterious entity who gave all the fighters the power to become demons. Her true identity is Jenna Angel, the creator of the Demon Virus and Sera's mother. Her goal is to retrieve Sera's consciousness from the Junkyard so she can be used in her grand plan to spread the Demon Virus worldwide, reducing the world to a primal state of being. Towards the end of the second game, she offers support to the Embryon and can even give Seraph a special attack after she dies. Like the rest of the Embryon, she is reincarnated. Voiced by Michie Tomizawa/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Introduced in Digital Devil Saga 2[edit]


The leader of the Lokapala resistance group that opposes the Karma Society. The stress of his position has driven him to drink, and he distrusts all demons. However, after meeting Serph he decides to sober up and join his cause, using the Demon Virus on himself so he can be an asset to the team. Depending on the player's choices he will rejoin the team for the final dungeon instead of Heat. His Atma is Lightning Bolt, and his demon form is Indra.


A young boy who Argilla saves not long after leaving the Junkyard. He is revealed to be a member of Lokapala, the son of the previous leader. He acts as an enthusiastic support to the Embryon and their cause.

Serph Sheffield[edit]

A charismatic scientist working on a series of experiments called "The God Project". He has a strong bond with Sera. His true self is a manipulative, power-hungry megalomaniac who seeks to use Sera's powers to become a god. He sees Sera and the people around him as mere tools to be used in his pursuit of this goal, and pushes the young girl to painful extremes while pretending to care about her. His downfall comes after he indirectly murders Heat O'Brien for trying to stop him, and Sera witnesses his true nature. He is transformed into a demon, but instead of being reincarnated in the Junkyard his soul is trapped in the E.G.G..

Heat O'Brien[edit]

A somewhat hot tempered scientist working on "The God Project". His temper often intimidates Sera. In contrast to Serph he genuinely cared about Sera and was furious of his treatment of her. Finally after Serph takes one step to far, Heat snaps, threatening to kill him if the experiments weren't stopped but is shot dead by a nurse Serph had manipulated. His soul, like Serph's, end up trapped in the E.G.G. and helps Asura Serph to discard his past self.


Seraph is the entity created when Serph and Sera's data merges on their path to the Sun. Seraph is a powerful, unisex being who has the potential to communicate directly with God and reach enlightenment. Their Atma is Clarion, and their demon form is Ardha. Seraph, reaching enlightenment, travels with Schrödinger to a different universe.


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