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This is a list of bioinformatics companies.

  • Accelrys
  • Applied Maths provides the software suite BioNumerics for databasing, integrated networking and a range of analysis and decision-making tools, including data mining, querying, clustering, identification, and statistics.
  • AstridBio is a bioinformatics company that provides software products and services for genomics research.
  • BIOBASE provides biological databases, bioinformatics for expression data, promoter and pathway analysis and KPO services.
  • BioCOS Life Sciences( provides NGS data analysis, Microarray and systems biology, disease specific focus like T2D, Malaria and cancers,
  • BioDiscovery, Inc. provides software for DNA copy number, methylation, expression from microarray and NGS platforms, with solutions for cancer and constitutional genomics.
  • Biomatters Ltd. is a New Zealand-based company that creates the Geneious software suite.
  • Biomax Informatics AG provides bioinformatics services.
  • CLC Bio provides Bioinformatics workbenches.
  • Cyclica provides drug-protein interaction analyses using proprietary chemical systems and proteomics databases to prioritize and optimize drug discovery
  • DNASTAR provides DNA sequence assembly and analysis, including Sanger and sequence assembly and gene expression analysis.
  • Gene Codes Corporation
  • Genedata provides software products and services for data analysis and storage in transcriptomics, toxicogenomics, high-throughput screening (HTS), genomics and related disciplines.
  • Geneious combines many DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.
  • GeneTalk provides a web-based platform for human sequence variant analysis and interpretation for diagnosis of inherited disorders. Variant files (Variant Call Format (VCF) format) can be filtered and reduced for convenient interpretation of the data. The community of scientists, clinicians, and human geneticists can help in interpreting the data.
  • Genialis provides genomics data analysis and visualization consulting services and software products to academic institutions, biotechnology companies and NGS sequencing facilities.
  • Genomatix offers biology-driven analysis pipelines for micro-array analysis, ChIP on Chip and Solexa/454 data. Multiple tools and databases for analysis of gene regulation. Comparative genomics and complete and quality checked genomic annotation for 17 species.
  • Genostar provides streamlined bioinformatics: sequence assembly, mapping, annotation transfer and identification of protein domains, comparative genomics, structural searches, metabolic pathway analysis, modeling and simulation of biological networks
  • Ingenuity Systems is a provider of information and custom services for life science researchers, computational biologists and bioinformaticists, and life science industry suppliers
  • Inte:Ligand
  • Integromics is a global bioinformatics company that provides bioinformatics software for data management and data analysis in genomics and proteomics.
  • Life Technologies, formerly Invitrogen
  • Korea Computer Centre Sinhung Company
  • MacVector provides MacVector and Assembler. MacVector is a Macintosh application that provides sequence editing, primer design, Internet database searching, protein analysis, sequence confirmation, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic reconstruction, coding region analysis, and a wide variety of other functions.
  • Ocimum Bio Solutions is a bioinformatics company with a variety of software products and also consulting practise ( Commercial software available from Ocimum include Genchek, Genowiz, OptGene, iRNAchek, Ascenta, BioExpress, Genesis and Oligostar.
  • PREMIER Biosoft International is a bioinformatics company working in software development, marketing and bioinformatics consultancy for in-silico experiment design. PREMIER Biosoft has authored software for pcr primer & probe design, microarray design, glycan structure identificatin, plasmid map drawing and tissue microarray data analysis.
  • Qlucore Qlucore Omics Explorer is a bioinformatics software program.
  • Rosetta Biosoftware
  • SimBioSys develops the eHITS software for molecular docking (flexible ligand docking & fast pre-docking), pharmacophore modelling, de novo design and retrosynthetic analysis software tools
  • SRA International, a systems integrator and consulting company, has a large bioinformatics practice for professional services, primarily aimed at the Federal Government market.
  • Strand Life Sciences offers for micro array gene expression analysis, computational chemistry, data analysis and visualizations.
  • TimeLogic offers DeCypher FPGA-accelerated BLAST, Smith-Waterman, HMMER and other sequence search tools.
  • Unipro LLC develops multipurpose bioinformatics platform UGENE.