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The European Court of Human Rights is an international tribunal established for enforcement of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is an organ of the Council of Europe and judges are elected to the Court by the Council's Parliamentary Assembly to represent each of the Member States. Judges of the Court as of January 2015[1] are, in order of precedence:

Name Country Position Elected Term Ends[2]
Dean Spielmann Luxembourg Luxembourg President 2004
Josep Casadevall Andorra Andorra Vice-President 1998 31 October 2015
Guido Raimondi Italy Italy Vice-President 2010 5 May 2019
Isabelle Berro-Lefèvre Monaco Monaco Section President 2006 10 September 2015
Mark Villiger Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Section President 2006 31 August 2015
Ayşe Işıl Karakaş Turkey Turkey Section President 2008 30 April 2017
Boštjan Zupančič Slovenia Slovenia Judge 1998 31 October 2015
Elisabeth Steiner Austria Austria Judge 2001 31 October 2015
(Currently vacant) Armenia Armenia Judge vacant
Khanlar Hajiyev Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Judge 2004 31 October 2015
Ján Šikuta Slovakia Slovakia Judge 2004 31 October 2013
Dragoljub Popović Serbia Serbia Judge 2005 3 April 2014
Päivi Hirvelä Finland Finland Judge 2007 31 December 2015
George Nicolaou Cyprus Cyprus Judge 2008 16 September 2015
Luis López Guerra Spain Spain Judge 2008 31 January 2017
András Sajó Hungary Hungary Judge 2008 31 January 2017
Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska Republic of Macedonia Macedonia Judge 2008 31 January 2017
Ledi Bianku Albania Albania Judge 2008 31 January 2017
Nona Tsotsoria Georgia (country) Georgia Judge 2008 31 January 2017
Nebojša Vučinić Montenegro Montenegro Judge 2008 26 August 2017
Kristina Pardalos San Marino San Marino Judge 2009 20 September 2018
Ganna Yudkivska Ukraine Ukraine Judge 2010 14 June 2019
Vincent A. De Gaetano Malta Malta Judge 2010 19 September 2019
Angelika Nussberger Germany Germany Judge 2011 31 December 2019
Julia Laffranque Estonia Estonia Judge 2011 3 January 2020
Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque Portugal Portugal Judge 2011 1 April 2020
Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos Greece Greece Judge 2011 18 January 2020
Erik Møse Norway Norway Judge 2011 9 October 2020
Helen Keller Switzerland Switzerland Judge 2011 4 October 2020
André Potocki France France Judge 2011 21 June 2020
Paul Lemmens Belgium Belgium Judge 2012 13 September 2021
Helena Jäderblom Sweden Sweden Judge 2012 31 October 2021
Paul Mahoney United Kingdom United Kingdom Judge 2012 1 November 2021
Aleš Pejchal Czech Republic Czech Republic Judge 2012 1 November 2021
Johannes Silvis Netherlands Netherlands Judge 2012 1 November 2021
Krzysztof Wojtyczek Poland Poland Judge 2012 1 November 2021
Valeriu Gritco Moldova Moldova Judge 2012 1 November 2020
Faris Vehabović Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Judge 2012 3 December 2020
Ksenija Turković Croatia Croatia Judge 2012 31 October 2021
Dmitry Dedov Russia Russia Judge 2013 31 October 2022
Egidijus Kūris Lithuania Lithuania Judge 2013 31 October 2022
Robert Spano Iceland Iceland Judge 2013 30 October 2022
Iulia Motoc Romania Romania Judge 2013 18 December 2022
Jon Fridrik Kjølbro Denmark Denmark Judge 2014 2 April 2023
(Currently vacant) Latvia Latvia Judge vacant
(Currently vacant) Republic of Ireland Ireland Judge vacant
(Curently vacant) Bulgaria Bulgaria Judge vacant


The Court is divided into five Sections, to which each of the judges is assigned. The following table presents the membership of each section, correct as of 1 February 2014.[3]

Composition of the Sections
Position Section I Section II Section III Section IV Section V
Isabelle Berro-Lefèvre Ayşe Işıl Karakaş Josep Casadevall Guido Raimondi Mark Villiger
Elisabeth Steiner András Sajó Luis López Guerra Päivi Hirvelä Angelika Nußberger
Judge Khanlar Hajiyev Nebojša Vučinić Ján Šikuta George Nicolaou Dean Spielmann
Judge Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska Helen Keller Dragoljub Popović Ledi Bianku Boštjan Zupančič
Judge Julia Laffranque Paul Lemmens Kristina Pardalos Nona Tsotsoria Ganna Yudkivska
Judge Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque Egidijus Kūris Johannes Silvis (Bulgarian Judge) (Currently vacant) Vincent A. De Gaetano
Judge Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos Robert Spano Valeriu Gritco Paul Mahoney André Potocki
Judge Erik Møse Jon Fridrik Kjølbro Iulia Motoc Krzysztof Wojtyczek Helena Jäderblom
Judge Ksenija Turković (Armenian Judge) (Currently vacant) Faris Vehabović Aleš Pejchal
Judge Dmitry Dedov (Latvian Judge) (Currently vacant) (Irish Judge) (Currently vacant)
Section Registrar S. Nielsen S. Naismith S. Philips F. Elens-Passos C. Westerdiek
Deputy Section Registrar A. Wampach A. Campos M. Tsirli F. Araçi M. Blasko

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