List of programs broadcast by The Weather Channel

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This is a list of television programs broadcast by the American television station The Weather Channel.

There are four main types of programs on The Weather Channel: weather news programs, serial documentaries, long-form shows, and specials such as the 100 Biggest Weather Moments and Coast Guard: HMS Bounty.


Current programs[edit]


All current news programs broadcast in high definition.

Title Duration on Network Website
America's Morning Headquarters 2014-present [1]
Wake Up With Al 2009-present [2]
Weather Center Live 2009-present None
Weather Geeks 2014-present None


Title High definition? Website
American Super/Natural Yes
Catching Hell Yes
Coast Guard Alaska Yes [3]
Coast Guard Cape Disappointment Yes
Coast Guard Florida Yes [4]
Cold Water Captains Yes
Deadliest Space Weather Yes (Cancelled) [5]
Fat Guys in the Woods Yes
Forecasting the End Yes (Cancelled)
Freaks of Nature Yes
Full Force Nature Yes1 [6]
Highway Thru Hell Yes
Hurricane 360 Yes
It Could Happen Tomorrow No [7]
Prospectors Yes
Raging Nature Yes
Secrets of the Earth Yes
So You Think You'd Survive? Yes
Strangest Weather on Earth Yes
Storm Riders Yes (Cancelled) [8]
Storm Stories Yes1 [9]
Tornado Alley Yes
Twist of Fate Yes (Cancelled) [10]
Weather Caught on Camera Yes [11]
Why Planes Crash Yes
When Weather Changed History Yes (Cancelled) [12]

Note 1: Episodes premiering from 2009 on air in high definition. Episodes from earlier years are in standard definition

Former programs[edit]

Title Genre High definition? Runtime
Abrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast News Yes 2006-2009
Afternoon Outlook News No 2003-2006
Atmospheres Long-Form No 2000-2003
Cantore Stories Long-Form Yes 2009-2010
Day Planner News Yes 2003-2013
Epic Conditions Long-Form Yes 2007-2009
Evening Edition News Yes 2001-2009
Exposures Long-Form No 1995-1997
From The Edge with Peter Lik Long-Form Yes 2011
Forecast Earth Long-Form Yes 2003-2009
First Forecast News Yes 2012-2013
First Outlook News Yes 2000-2012
Hacking the Planet Long-Form Yes 2013
Hawaii Air Rescue Long-Form Yes 2012-2013
Heavy Metal Monsters Long-Form Yes 2013
Hurricane Hunters Long-Form Yes 2013
Ice Pilots Long-Form Yes 2012
Iceberg Hunters Long-Form Yes 2012
Iron Men Long-Form Yes 2012
Lava Chasers Long-Form Yes 2013-2014
Loaded[disambiguation needed] Long-Form Yes 2013
Lifeguard! Southern California Long-Form Yes 2012-2013
Morning Rush News Yes 2012-2014
On The Radar News Yes 2012-2013
Overnight Outlook News No 2003-2005
Plane Xtreme Long-Form Yes 2012
PM Edition News Yes 2003-2012
Prime Time Tonight Programming guide No 1988-1991
Pyros Long-Form Yes 2012
Reel Rivals Long-Form Yes 2013
Sunrise Weather News Yes 2008-2013
Tipping Points Long-Form Yes 2013-2014
Turbine Cowboys Long-Form Yes 2012
Weather Center News Yes 1998-2009
Weather Proof Long-Form Yes 2009-2010
Weather Scope News No 1995-1998
Weather Ventures Long-Form Yes 2007-2009
Weekend Now News Yes 2001-2013
Weekend Outlook News Yes 2003-2009
Weekend Planner News No 2003-2005
Weekend View News Yes 2005-2013
Weather That Changed the World Long-Form Yes 2013
Your Weather Today News Yes 2000-2012