List of personalities on The Weather Channel

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This is a list of current on-air personalities at The Weather Channel.[1]

On-Camera Meteorologists

Name Duration Show
Stephanie Abrams 2003–present Wake Up With Al
Mike Bettes 2003–present AMHQ
Vivian Brown 1989–present Weather Center Live
Paul Goodloe 1999–present Weather Center Live
Maria LaRosa 2010–present AMHQ
Alex Wilson 2013–present Weather Center Live
Reynolds Wolf 2012–present Weather Center Live


Name Duration Show
Sam Champion 2013–present AMHQ
Anaridis Rodriguez 2014–present AMHQ
Al Roker 2009–present Wake Up With Al


Name Duration Role
Jim Cantore 1986–present Storm Specialist
Greg Forbes 1999–present Severe Weather Specialist
Bryan Norcross 2010–present Tropical Weather Specialist


Name Duration Role
Dave Malkoff 2012–present Field/Feature Reporter
Mike Seidel 1992–present Field Reporter